• Toyota introduce Qi Wireless Charging to cars

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    Avalon ChargingWireless charging is a technology which has recently become more widely publicized.  Thanks in part to Nokia introducing Qi wireless charging to their recently launched Lumia 920 and 820 products.  These promote the ability charge the handsets using a JBL PowerUp Charging Speaker, Fatboy pillow and a more traditional charging plate.

    Qi wireless charging is important as it is a standardized method for integrating this technology into products.  It means that solutions provided by different manufacturers can work together.  This has enabled Toyota to introduce wireless charging to their Avalon range of cars.  It isn’t provided as standard, but can be purchased as part of their 2013 Technology package for an additional $1,750.  This includes other tech in the form of radar cruise control, pre-collision system and automatic high beams.

    What this all means is that if other car manufacturers follow Toyota’s example and introduce Qi wireless charging, wired car chargers could be a thing of the past. 

    What are your thoughts?  Would you like wireless charging in cars and would you be prepared to pay extra for it? 

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  • wireless charging and bluetooth A2DP receiver with AVRP integrated into the radio would be fantastic, I’d definitely pay for that.

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