Christmas themed devices!

Have you got into the festive spirit with your smartphone or tablet?

Christmas is just a few days away and with shops playing all of our most loved (or hated!) songs, decorations everywhere and the temptation of chocolate seemingly ever present in every room I go in, it’s impossible to forget. But why stop with traditional decorations and displays of festivity? Our smartphones and tablets are a customisable hive of activity which can be used to get into the spirit of things.

Wallpapers are one option with Christmas themed wallpapers (like the image above) being one way of customising your smartphone. Live wallpapers are also a fun way of livening up your screen and there are plenty of Christmas themed live wallpaper apps for free on Google Play right now.

Familiar songs and sounds abound at this time of year and one of the classic features of mobile phones is to personalise them with our favourite notification effects and ringtones often at the intrigue and sometimes annoyance of our friends and colleagues. Why not combine the two and pick some Christmas classics for alarms, emails, messages and calls? One of my favourite apps for this kind of thing is Zedge, a huge database of user uploaded material in a wide variety of genres. Once Christmas is over it’s a fantastic resource for songs and sounds from the charts, TV shows, movies, video games and more (A video games example: before Christmas I had the PS1 Metal Gear Solid 1 codec sound for messages and the Dr. Robotnik boss music from Megadrive classic Sonic The Hedgehog as a ringtone – geek points aplenty).

Finally how about a bit of Christmas bling to personalise your device? Christmas styled cases with trees, reindeer and Santa images are probably all on sale in more than one shop you might have ventured into whilst shopping.

So have any of you got some stories or pictures to share? Is your device festively adorned to show your love for Christmas? Or have you refrained and want to shout about a colleagues annoying choice of Noël inspired ringtone? Let us know below!