Give your Android or iPhone a laser pointer via the 3.5mm earphone jack

This great little accessory called the X-pointer turns the 3.5mm jack on your Android or iPhone into a laser pointer. Its main use-case is for the likes of Powerpoint presentations, although I can also confirm that it works superbly for everybody’s favourite laser pointer use-case: playing with cats.


xpointer screen shotUsing the X-pointer as a laser is simple –  attach it to your handset via the 3.5mm jack, download the X-pointer lite app (Play Store, iTunes) and you’re good to go. Within the app there is a volume slider to adjust the intensity of the beam and an on screen button that you need to press and hold to activate the laser. The compatibility of the X-pointer is listed as follows, although I have been using it perfectly with the Galaxy Nexus, which is not included on the list: iPhone (3G/3GS/4/4S), iPod Touch, GALAXY S2, S3 GALAXY S2 LTE, S3 LTE, GALAXY Note

There is another app that can be used with the X-pointer which enables you to switch between presentation slides whilst using the laser. This is called X-pointer 3 on the Google Play Store, or X-Presenter on iTunes. This app requires registration for use and unfortunately I have been unable to test this as there seems to be a bug on the registration screen (for the G Nexus that is). However, the X-pointer lite app alone makes it a worthwhile purchase in my opinion.

Also included with the x-pointer is a stylus/holder. Although it’s not that precise as a stylus, it does work well for basic navigational functions. The x-pointer slots inside the holder to protect the laser dongle when transporting and then provides rigidity when using it as a stylus. There’s also a lanyard so that it can be attached to your handset or a pair of keys. It’s a compact little accessory that measures about an inch when attached to a handset or just over in the stylus/holder. The x-pointer is available to purchase here



  1. Ian says

    Looks useful; lots of weird comments in the Play Store Reviews, though, not sure what that’s all about – are these people who installed the app and expected lasers to come out of their phone without extra hardware?

    • Chris Ward says

      Lol yea that’s a good point actually because a lot of the reviews don’t mention buying the x-pointer. I’ve told x-pointer that they may need a more thorough compatibility list – the Amazon listing says 2.3 onwards but I given the list specified on the box that seems a bit too broad!

    • Bugblatter says

      Yeah those comments looks suspect. One even said ‘This game Sucks’. Doesn’t he know it’s ‘sux’ or ‘suxorz’?

      Oh, and it’s not a game…

      Their description needs to be plainer. Treat people like they’re dumb or else the ones who are too dumb to know they’re dumb will blame you for their dumbness.

      • Chris Ward says

        The thought of people downloading it and expecting a laser to come out the 3.5 did tickle me yesterday.

        The Google Play reviews are starting to meet the standards of YouTube – ‘this app is gay’ was another one. The sooner they’re all not anonymous the better. It’s not fair on developers that work hard to release an app, then get an influx of 1 star reviews because of teething problems, as happened with the new Wunderlist 2 launch.

        • Ian says

          The review system could definitely use a clean-up, though I have to admit this is the first app I’ve seen with quite such a schoolboy-sounding bunch of reviews.

  2. Trevor says

    It definitely works with HTC Desire, Android 2.2.2, both laser and remote control. It’s a pretty cool gadget I must admit. Obviously, you can get an external laser pointer and an external wireless presenter and, in fact, same device that doesn’t plug to your phone but it just doesn’t plug to your phone..

    • Ian says

      Yeah, I’ve got a couple of laser pointers for work, but it’s cheap and compact enough to keep around in case of unexpected need, and presumably doesn’t have an internal battery to expire when left in a drawer for months. My favourite presenting setup was doing an hour talk using an old Palm Tungsten C and an SD-card based VGA output device, really wowed the colleagues…