Spruce up your handset with DiabloSkinz

diabloskinz-logoOne of the easiest ways to decorate and differentiate your smartphone is to purchase a case for it. However, many cases are quite modestly stated in terms of design and do of course add bulk to the handset.

If you fancy creating a more elaborate appearance for your handset without adding extra size to it, DiabloSkinz could be the solution for you.

A Diablo Skin is an adhesive overlay that sticks to your handset. Once applied it sticks very well, but can still be easily removed if you so decide and does not leave a trace. Application is simple, especially for devices that don’t have a keyboard. Even applying it to my Kindle keyboard wasn’t too tricky (see the small thumbnail of it in action below).


There is a huge range of artwork available for each device listed on the website, including many of the latest smartphones, tablets, laptops, iPods and Kindles.

These make a great stocking filler for Christmas and there is currently 3 for the price of 2 offer running on the DiabloSkinz website.