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    Unsealed boxes and loose accessories

    We haven’t yet posted unboxing videos for the new Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 Windows Phone 8 devices although they will be on their way soon. One thing we will cover but want to mention before we post them due to some concerned questions from customers is the lack of a seal on the box and the loose accessories.

    In a world where it seems almost everything comes wrapped in plastic multiple times or blister packed for the sake of retail aesthetics it is actually quite refreshing that Nokia have opted for a 100% recyclable approach with their new flagship devices. Although designed well with compartments and dividers to house each separate item, it is initially a little jarring to see no seal and the accessories just sat loose in the box; a few customers have been worried enough to ask if we are shipping second hand products! We can assure you that all of our stock, unless explicitly stated on the product page, is always brand new and direct from the official licensed distributor.

    Considering some of the ecological worries there are about the mass production of modern technology and gadgets, it is good to see that a top end manufacturer is making some inroads towards the issue. Dutch manufacturer Philips also spring to mind who began a campaign of 100% recyclable packaging many years ago. Below are a few pictures to clarify how the Nokia Lumia 920 should look when it arrives. The only issue is that you need to be careful when you first hold the box – due to the box design and lack of a seal, the phone can slide straight out when the box is held upright. The last thing you want is for your brand new Lumia to hit the floor before you even turn it on!



    No seal on the bottom of the box – nothing to worry about







    100% recyclable








    The box opens DOWNWARDS! Don’t get caught out, no seal means the phone can drop to the floor if you’re not careful!


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