Bendy phones – the future of mobile?

When you consider all that a smartphone can do, at points we stop and think what is next? What is the next innovation or improvement to come to phones?

Over the last couple of years, whilst hardware has been getting better and cheaper, software has perhaps been the biggest evolution.

So what is next?  Could it be the bendy/flexible screen?

According to a BBC article companies such as LG, Phillips, Sharp, Sony, Nokia and Samsung are working on such a technology, with Samsung likely to be the first company to deliver it on a commercial scale.

Bendy screens have existed for some time but the big drawback has been that other components required to make the product functional need the product to be stiff.

You can read more and watch a video on the subject over at the BBC HERE.



  1. Bugblatter says

    For now it’ll just give us unbreakable screens.

    The revolution will come when we get an unrollable screen. I’ve been waiting for them since Earth Final Conflict. They’re a way off from what I can tell.

    Can’t see them making the entire phone bendy; doesn’t seem worth the effort for rather a small benefit. You wanna fold your phone? Get a clamshell.