• The manifestation of a smartphone addiction #clove20

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    In this post, Shaun McGill describes with both the written and spoken word, how he first became a Clove customer, what’s kept him coming back over the years and the addiction that now grips him as a result.

    Click here to listen to Shaun describe the gadget addiction that he now suffers from as a result of his dealings with Clove over the years

    It all started with Psion

    It would be fair to say that the mobile world started for me with Psion and from what I remember, the same is true for Clove. I remember visiting Clove many years ago on occasion to purchase a Psion game, accessory or memory card and was always impressed with the level of service offered and the in-depth knowledge on show. Above all, however, Chris and the gang were exceptionally friendly and always willing to help.

    I suspect Wardy and Jon were barely in primary school at the time, but it is pleasing to see that all of the traits above continue to this day and this is why Clove will always be the first place I go to for new kit. The prices are competitive, but you cannot put a price on trust and good service and this is why I keep coming back.

    It all started with Psion

    In the early days, Psion was the name of the game for Clove and it was a playground of mobile goodness to visit and make a new purchase. I was so obsessed with my Psion PDAs that I could have spent a fortune every time I visited because so much was on offer. 1MB of memory for slightly more than £100, a banking app on a card for £45. It all seemed like such good value because the experience of Psion PDAs was unmatched by anyone else, and in some areas I would argue that they have never been matched.

    Has there every been a more efficient and more realistic mobile calendar application than that found on the Psion 3 series PDAs?

    Has any other mobile platform offered as much integration between the core apps as the EPOC operating system?

    Has any other mobile platform offered a month between battery changes?

    Has any other mobile platform offered as much reliability as Psion? I would argue that only in the past two years has Android and iOS caught up to the legendary reliability of Psion.

    The answer to all of the above questions is ‘no’ and it is remarkable to think that all of this was on offer two decades ago. Two decades is more than a lifetime in computing terms and I look back and still marvel at what the early Psion PDAs offered me.

    I also look back, and consider the present, and marvel at how Clove has managed to stay on top of the game for all of these years. Mostly, however, I marvel at how they have managed to stay friendly in an industry that is more competitive than ever before. Here’s to you Psion, I still miss you. And here’s to you Clove, you still amaze me.

    Chris Ward

    Better known as 'Wardy', digital media is where his interest lies. Responsible for many elements of the Clove website and external advertising activities, Wardy is our interactive media graduate. Always chilled out, there is never a time when you see 'Wardy' stressed. A keen music follower, he knows his DJ's and how to mix a few tracks together. Always eating, he remains stick thin and is the envy of the rest of us! A very deep character, there are some suprising twists to what Wardy knows and you'll never meet a nicer bloke if you tried!


  • I got my first Psion 3mx from Clove for £338.27 on 27 August 1998! It was quite amazing at the time, as it did what it did very well, with no lag and yet in incredibly tiny memory space compared to modern behemoths. Apps (as Psion christened them) stayed open and a press of the button brought any one back to life. They must have been the first wide screen !

    • I thought so!

      I have now found my FIRST pda invoice – it was a Psion 3a 512k Version, bought from Clove Technology on 4/10/93, invoice number 00001696. I had it shipped to a hotel where I was on a week’s golf holiday, and had time in the evenings to get used to my new purchase.

      £259 for the 3a, £24 for the print link, £54 for a 256K Flash SSD, and £12 for a leather case. If memory still cost that, I’d need to mortgage my house for the 16GB card I bought from Clove with my current HTC HD2.

      • Ha ha that’s brilliant Jim, thanks for digging that out.

        Glad you’re still in touch.

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