1. Paul M says

    Whilst Samsung attempt to demonstrate how rugged their designs are, they won’t back it up by warranty.

    In mid October a colleague’s SGS3 started misbehaving (rebooting, crashing, eating batteries etc) after he’d had it barely four months and he sent it in for repair.

    Samsung returned it saying that it was moisture damage – one of the three water detectors inside had triggered. Yes, that’s right, there are apparently THREE.

    My colleague refuted any suggestion of abuse – it was in mint condition, still looked box fresh. He escalated the claim all the way to the senior management at Samsung UK and was told by a polite and friendly, but firm, PA to a very senior customer service manager, that Samsung would not repair the device for free because of water damage despite two being clear.

    My colleague ended up selling it for “spares repair” on ebay, losing nearly half its value. He reckons the phone cost him £4 PER DAY.

    He will never buy another Samsung product. Given he is in charge of our IT procurement that means that none of our large server farm will ever have a Samsung SSD, no more Samsung monitors, no Samsung hard drives or memory in desktops or servers etc. The likely cost to Samsung over the years could be 20 to 50 times the value of the phone (we buy a lot of computers!)

    I’d already got a Note2 on order, otherwise I might never have bought it. As it is I will be ensuring I keep it away from any chance of moisture damage.