Clove will not be ranging the Samsung Galaxy SIII 64GB


A few weeks ago we made the Samsung Galaxy SIII Black 64GB available to pre-order, with the intention of ranging it should the demand be high enough.

Unfortunately the number of pre-orders that we received did not meet the minimum required to bring stock into the UK, so we will not be ranging the handset.

This comes as unfortunate news and we would have loved to have ranged the handset, especially for those of you that have been expressing an interest in it for some time. Thank you to those of you that did place a pre-order and our apologies that we could not fulfil it for you.


p>The wait will now continue for a handset that offers large internal and external (microSD) storage. The closes equivalent to the S3 64GB is the HTC One X+, which has 64GB internal storage but no microSD slot, or the Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB with a 64GB card inserted.


  1. Ian says

    A shame, but intrepid S3 lovers could do worse than browse Amazon’s German site with a translation tool on hand.

  2. Bugblatter says

    I think Vodafone still has the exclusive on that.

    It’s a shame; if you’re into gaming then 16GB just isn’t enough these days, and will be even more cramped if you expect your S3 to last you a year or so.

    You can shift some things onto the microSD card, but that’s added complexity, plus not everything works, plus you can’t share the card between devices (as I currently share one between my S3 and tablet).

    I ended getting my 32GB S3 from a German company. It was still Vodafone branded but it was unlocked. I reckon 32GB is the sweet spot and will be for a while.

    • Jon says

      No, but the situation is essentially similar to the S3 64GB model. There has to be the demand and commitment.