Sony Xperia T White–Due Next Week

White Xperia T coming very soon

The Sony Xperia T or James Bond Phone as it is known has to date has only been available in Black to date, but as of next week we will have it available in White as well, if you prefer this colour.

For more information or to order in white now for delivery next week, CLICK HERE.


  1. joel says

    hello, I want to know how much time will take the Xperia T white model to deliver to USA! if I buy it from clove!

  2. Bettie says

    Will the Xperia T work with T-mobile USA? I know it says sim free but wondering if that just means it doesn’t require a sim card or that there’s no slot for one.

    • Chris Ward says

      Hi Bettie,

      You’ll have to check the frequencies of the Xperia T with those that T Mobile operates on. SIM-free means that it does not come with a sim-card/contract, not that there is no SIM-slot.