Psion Series 5 Special Edition Classic Unboxing #clove20

We might be harking back to times past at the moment, but we have to pay tribute to the products which made Clove the specialists we are to day and many of those were Psion products.

If we had to hold the trophy to one particular product, it has to be the Psion Series 5.

Outside of the Psion HQ we doubt there is a bigger collection of Psion products than that found in the possession of Clove Technology’s Managing Director, Chris Love.

As a tribute to the Psion and to celebrate 20 years, Chris delved into his collection and is behind the camera (probably for the 1st and last time) to unbox the revolutionary Psion Series 5 Special Edition. You can see his full unboxing below.

For any fans out there that are interested in having a Psion Series 5, we’ll have another blog post going up shortly that’ll give you the chance to get your hands on one.


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    The Psion 5MX is what i Need to Help in my Recovery of a Disability resorting front an Assault from when i was Aged 27 and a Half/March 10-2004 When i had been Beaten up by 5 People with Hammer’s and Crow bar’s in which it had taken them 47-Min’s to Try to Kille as it was the Only reason for what they were trying to Achieve XxXxXxXxXxXX

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    I Want one to Help with my Double Head injury from the first being kicked know my Head by a Bolted Horse and My Second being when i was 27 and half When 3 Lads & 2 Girls me up not thinking of whether or Not i would survive as Married away they got