• Tell us your first PDA or smartphone to win #clove20 (Competition 4)

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    For today’s giveaway (Competition 4) we would like you to comment on this blog post to tell us what your first PDA or smartphone was and then share the blog post on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. There’s another big prize to be won for this so we’ll be leaving the competition open until 9:59AM on Monday 26th November. There are plenty of runner-up prizes to be won again as well.

    We’ll also have Competitions 5 and 6 running over the weekend (details to follow) AND we’ve got something slightly different going live later today. Thanks to everyone that’s been part of the celebrations so far. The winners of competition 3 will be announced later today.  Continue to share our #clove20 content for more chances to win.

    Here’s a look back at some of our favourite devices from the last 20 years for some inspiration for today’s competition,


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  • My first ever smartphone was the Motorola A1000 on Three back in the day. However this wasn’t my first ever mobile phone which was the Motorola Flair on One2One all those years ago. Who even remembers One2One these days?

  • If I recall correctly, I think my first smartphone was either the Motorola A925….back in the days when 3g has just been launched it was an absolutely brilliant device and I even stuck with UiQ for the SonyEricsson P600i afterwards…

  • First mobile – Sony ‘Mars Bar’
    First smartphone – iPhone 3G
    Currently own – iPhone 4S, galaxy s3 and HTC One X plus and lusting after Nokia Lumia 920

  • My first PDA was a Compaq iPaq pocket PC, first smartphone was a HTC Hero!

    I used the PDA for in car GPS and you had to have an external antenna hooked up for it to work worth a damn and if the battery ran out completely it was like doing a factory reset you had to reinstall all your apps. Kids today don’t know how good they’ve got it!

  • My first smartphone was the Orange SPV running Microsoft Smartphone 2002 it was amazing, you used the number keys to navigate through the on screen menus, 132Mhz CPU, 16mb Ram and 32mb Flash – look at what we demand from our Smartphones in 2012!

    Then when the Orange SPV C500 (HTC Typhoon) came out I had to immediately upgrade as you could run Tomtom on it – Sat Nav on a Mobile Phone, thats where it all began!.

  • Great question and reminded me of how far technology has moved over the past 15 years (not quite as old as Clove :)) My first real PDA (not including the previous electronic address books, was a Palm Pilot personal. No memory, monochrome, and an OS all of it’s own but it had a stylus (cool at the time), made you look like you should have been in Star Trek and above all helped you perfect your handwriting otherwise things just would not get recognised. The original Samsung Note… LOL

  • The first smartphone I ever had was the HTC Canary, I remember it having a clip on camera with a whopping 0.3 megapixels. I hated the thing but at least I could play solitaire on it.

  • My first smartphone was O2 XDA IIs. I had been using the phone for 3 years and hand it over to my brother.

  • First smartphone was a HTC Wildfire over 2 years ago. Horrible phone but it introduced me to the world of Android

  • Palm led the way as far as pda’s were concerned which is why my first smart-phone was a:

    Palm Treo, In fact it was the only real option for a smart phone, as far as I was concerned, colour screen, web-browsing, contact management, sharing between devices and PC sync (it was waaay ahead of the rest).

  • I was 12 years old when i got my first smartphone, It was the HTC Wizard aka O2 XDA Mini S. Now I’m 16 and own a Samsung Galaxy S III. I got a lot of smartphones in the meantime.

    -HTC Wizard
    -HTC Artemis
    -LG Viewty (Sucked Big Time)
    -Nokia N95
    -Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1
    -HTC Desire
    -HTC Sensation XE
    -Samsung Galaxy S
    -Samsung Galaxy S II
    -Samsung Galaxy S III

  • My first smart phone was the nokia 9500 communicator. It was HUGE and people would take the mickey out of me but I loved it. Huge screen great browser and it could send faxes!

    I loved it so much I still own it to this day !

  • My first smartphone was the O2 XDA2 (aka HTC Himalaya) back in 2004. I forget all the cpu specs now but it had a 3.5″ 320×240 resistive screen, with a 0.3MP (VGA?), (128-196MB built-in ram?), 3g -not!, IR, full-size SD-card (up-to 2GB), bluetooth, two sets of flashing lights (red, green, yellow, blue), loudspeaker that came through the front of the phone (whatever happened to that?), and MS PocketPC2003. Alas, wifi and GPS were features I thought I’d never need at the time! I somehow managed to lose all the stylii (sic?) for it including several third-party after-market ones. It seems I have never left the HTC stable later getting the Touch HD and my current EVO 3D.

  • My first phone – Nokia 3310, then i got the Ericsson T20e because it was used in the Tomb raider film, lol

    But my first smartphone – HTC Desire, loved that phone but it died one day and never recovered 🙁

  • My first PDA was a Medion Pocket PC running wm6!! I used it with medion’s own satnav software but quickly had to hack TomTom onto it!

    It came with a 256mb card! Lol them were the days.

    I still have it too… check my twitter for a pic 😉 @philicibine

  • HTC Touch Pro 2. I thought I wanted a physical keyboard so I could see more, but, in landscape mode you see so little anyway. Height defines screen usefulness more than width!

  • My first pda was was a Palm 3x. Thought it was the best. It cost me $950 back then. Had to get it on interest free and pay it off for a year. It came with a sync cradle and even had Infrared.

  • discounting using WAP on the Nokia 7110 with my palm Vx, my first smart phone that was worthy of the name was the original Orange SPV the (HTC canary) then the e200 then the c500, c600 the imate Jam & Jamin, HTC touch, touch dual the Touch pro (I should get a prize for sticking with windows mobile so long) and then I jumped to android with the HTC Desire HD.

    My first foray into mobile data was the Nokia 2110 with the cellular data card 9.6 kbits of blistering compuserve access

  • My first 3G smartphone was the Motorola V975 on Three Ireland when they launched in 2005. I’ll remember the walled garden fondly…

  • Was a Motorola Startac, it was pretty Trekkie, weighed a ton and lasted about 3 hours on standby, but hey it was the future back then.

  • My first was Nokia N95-1… although overall I’ve made a good run:

    Siemens C35i (German) [2002] -> Siemens S55 [2003] -> Siemens C35i (China) [2003] -> Siemens S45 [2004] -> Siemens C35i (China) [2004] -> Sony Ericsson T68i (white + blue LED) [2004] -> Siemens C35i [2004] -> Samsung E630 [2004-2005] -> Nokia 6021 [2005-2006] -> Siemens C35i [2006] -> Nokia 6125 [2006-2007] -> Nokia N95 [2007-2008] -> ASUS P750 [2008] -> Nokia N95 [2009] -> Nokia 5800 [2009] -> HTC Hero [2009-2010] -> Nokia N900 [2010] -> HTC Desire [2010-2011] -> HTC Desire S [2011] -> Samsung Galaxy S 2 [2011] -> Samsung Galaxy Nexus [2011]

    As a separate trail I’ve got Blackberry as a second device and used following:

    BB 8700g [2007] – BB 8800 [2007] – BB 8900 – [2008] – BB 9500 [2008] – BB 8900 [2008-2009] – BB 8520 [2010] – BB 9700 [2010] – BB 9800 [2010] – BB 9780 [2011] – BB 9900 [2012]

    Quite impressive if you think about it 🙂

  • My first smart phone was the Nokia N73 – it’s funny – quite a few comments show the first smart phones were Nokias – how many still use them now? I loved the phone, loved having a camera and video – used it a lot.

    • you ‘might’ find that changing the recent Nokia windows phone 8 ads are actually hitting the right note dare to be different and you don’t need to be a techie

  • Nokia N70, it was a hand down from my dad but I still loved the thing. The camera cover is still just so cool, more phones need it!

  • My first smart phone was a Sony Ericsson Symbian model phone from 2006ish, I was so amazed I kept it for over 4 years, then I entered the world of android with a HTC Desire, which is now sadly at the end of its life cycle needing a replacement.
    I always viewed my phone as being a phone, this view changed drastically once companies got innovative.
    Not upgrading your phone with every iteration does make you appreciate the technology so much more than everyone who moans about minor issues on small product updates.

  • My very first smartphone was a Nexus One. Interestingly, before then I had never seen the draws of having a smartphone over a dumbphone. Oh how wrong was I, so much so that when my original Nexus One got stolen, I felt the urge to replace it at once with an identical model… since then, I’ve learnt to carefully consider the potential of devices before outright dismissing them!

  • mine was a palm 3 with a black green screen infared data transmitter and took batteries could last weeks between batteries had a few games and basic apps on it. Also handwritting recognition via Giraffe which meant i had to alter the way i wrote to get it to work which kinda defeats the object. Thankfully things have moved on alot since then!

  • My first smartphone was a BlackBerry Curve 8520, and my first PDA was a second hand Palm V, bought for just £2 at a car boot sale, I was amazed by just how much such an old device can do, plus the battery life is outstanding!

  • First PDA: A Casio programmable calculator that I programmed to keep a record of the homework I needed to do.

    Eventually I got a Psion 3.

    First ‘smartphone’ was a Sony Ericsson R380 when I worked at Symbian.

  • My first PDA was the Palm M105, followed by the M130 coloured display, only had that a short while before going to the larger screened Palm Tungsten T3, I switched OS to Windows Mobile with a HTC Tytn II, followed by HTC Touch Pro 2, then made another OS switch to Android with the HTC Desire HD, brief flirt with Apple Iphone 4, before coming back to Android with HTC One X, and my current set up is the Samsung Galaxy S3. Yes Im a gadget geek and proud of it!

  • Mine was a Palm III. Nice device, but it ate batteries at a rate that made it pretty much useless (the quoted ‘up to a month’ was a pipe dream if you actually used the thing)

  • My first PDA was palm m100
    My first smart phone was Motorola a780 followed by Sony Ericsson p1i
    My best smart phone was Htc desire bought from clove

  • The first smartphone was Qtek 8310 (no, not Nokia 8310). Windows Mobile which actually worked fine. I still have it at home as a historical artifact.
    The first PDA was Dell Axim (don’t remember the full name). Then it got stolen and I bought a Compaq. Still have it somewhere at home as another historical artifact. Indiana Jones would love to dig in my apartment…

  • My first PDA was also a smartphone. Some of my colleagues had bought Palm Pilots, so I did a bit of research and read about the Handspring Visor, and I found one with the GSM/GPRS data module on ebay. I reasoned that if I didn’t like it, I could resell it and not lose too much.
    I quickly grew to like it a lot, and used it all the time. I didn’t find the GSM module all that useful, and when my wife bought a Palm M5, and my brother had bought a Sony Clie N770 so I felt left out and bought an N770 too, and sold the Visor for nearly what I paid for it… soon after I discovered Shaun’s CliePlanet.

  • WOW! Great to read everyones stories regarding their first devices, lots of Palm and O2 XDA users! Not many early Windows CE devices mentioned 😀 (is there a reason for that :P).
    My first PDA, disregarding my CasioClub C-310, was the Casio Cassiopeia A-10 running Windows CE 1.0. Bought in 1997 from the Casio Outlet store whilst I was on holiday in Harrisburg PA. A great device with a qwerty keyboard and 2MB RAM. Although I no longer have the device, for some reason, I still have the data cable! Pictures to come soon, I PROMISE 🙂
    My first real smartphone would be the SonyEricsson P800. Another fantastic device although the stylus left something to be desired.
    A quick graphic of my mobile history:

  • […] Competition 4 (tell us your first PDA/smartphone) is now running and is open until Monday morning. Competition 5 and Competition 6 will run on Saturday and Sunday respectively – just carry on sharing any #clove20 content to enter. Either share our Clove content or create your own messages – we’ve had some great ones so far and will continue to give out mini spot prizes as the competition goes on for those that catch our eye. […]

  • My first memorable phone was the Nokia 7110. I did have one or two before that but can’t remember what they were.

    It was a good phone with it’s sliding keyboard cover…

  • My first smartphone was a Sony Ericsson P800, was a little heavy but the best to have!!! #clove20

  • Sony CMD-Z5 was my first smartphone. How could you forget the jog wheel thing it had going on? Would be useful today!

  • An HTC Diamond! Follow up for a HTC Touch 2 and HD2 windows mobile from Clove! #clove20

  • My first smartphone was the Motorola A925 on 3. It had a little stylus and shipped with 2 batteries and a desk charger/dock. It was almost brilliant. It was closely followed by an O2 xda IIs, then a Nokia 6680, Sony Ericsson W850i, Nokia N95, HTC Hero, Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy Sii.
    My first phone was an NEC DB 500. It had a pull up aerial and a battery that went on for weeks. It was way smaller and more feature packed than the Philips Diga that my parents had, that thing had a credit card sized SIM. I sent my first SMS on that beast of a phone and IIRC it cost over £120 on what used to be the CELLNET network.
    Thanks for thsi trip down memory lane

  • My first PDA ever was a US Robotics Palm Pilot. Those were the days, had to change batteries within 30 seconds or loose any data on this one.
    First smartphone was a Orange SPV C200, I couldn’t believe I had a mobile phone with a Windows logo 😉

  • iMate PocketPC. A true friend, it was! Made me the coolest nerd in school….Stuck with me until the very end of its life…
    #Clove20 #SuddenlysufferingfromNostalgia

  • My first PDA/Smartphone was the Google G1 – it seems years ago now (probably was) and I have had a Blackberry since and now have HTC Sensation XE – as a typist, I was swayed by having a keyboard but have to say love having the HTC – spend far more time on it than any other phone I’ve owned to date.

  • XDA ORBIT on O2, one of the first phones to come with GPS and bundled co-pilot turn by turn navigation. It was awesome!!!!

  • My first smart-phone was the Nokia N95 and from that point on I was hooked on Symbian, Only now have I moved on with the Lumia 920 ans WP8

  • My first smartphone was Qtek P3600 🙂 … can forget how it pissed me off trying to close programs with the stylus by tapping X and then go to task manager and finally done 😛

  • My first ever PDA was a Dell Axim X30 (Built by HTC I believe!) with the very awkward Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition OS. It served a my TomTim Sat-Nav for many years, connected to an external GPS reciever, Those were the days!

    The first smart-phone was known as the O2 Xda IQ, another winmo-phone that I actually quite liked it 🙂

  • So many…
    Started out with a nokia 7160 which could do email and Wap content
    Next up was the nokia ngage (I don’t care what you think, and it was awsome)
    Nokia e51 which was awsome
    Nokia e71 which still works,
    Had a blackberry pearl 9000 from work, blackberry bold 9780 from work,
    HTC Desire Z which still works (backup phone, rooted with jelly bean custom rom)
    And now I use a galaxy note 2 still on stock rom.

  • I had the “fantastic” Vodafone / Samsung H1. It served as a good introduction to smartphones but was quite restricted with its platform 🙁

  • These are the list of my first smartphones base on OS platform:
    1. Sony Ericsson P990 – Symbian OS v9.1, UIQ 3.0
    2. Apple iPhone – iOS 3.1.3
    3. Blackberry Pearl 8110 – BlackBerry OS v4.5
    4. HTC Touch Diamond – Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
    5. HTC Tattoo – Android OS v1.6 Donut
    6. Nokia N9 – MeeGo OS, v1.2 Harmattan
    7. Nokia Lumia 800 – Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango (from Clove UK)
    8. Nokia Lumia 920 – Microsoft Windows Phone 8 (from Clove UK) Awaiting…

  • An LG Arena which I lost ‘cos it flew out the window when I did a somersault & totalled my car!

  • My first ever smartphone was a Nokia E65, followed by a HTC Touch HD, HTC HD2 and finally a One X

  • My first one was some odd-ball Toshiba Windows Mobile (model was something like 740..), cute device with a very hyperactive stylus on it 🙂

  • My first smartphone (so to speak) was the late Palm (remeber them?) Tungsten W, back in 2004! It was not that smart at the time, but it was the machine in which I started building up my calendar and contacts database, which was, on the last 8 years, converted to WM5 > WM6 > WM6.1 > WM6.5 > Eclair > Froyo > Gingerbread > Icecream Sandwich > Jellybean. Note: I had all these Android versions running on my one and only Motorola Defy, which I proudly won from Clove (yes, you, thanks a lot, guys!), on a Twitter contest, back in 2010. Waiting for my next Android smartphone prize from you for #clove20 celebration!

  • It was a Nokia 5800. An awful Symbian device that I very quickly wanted to smash into a thousand little pieces.

  • Wow that’s quite a hard one to remember. Going back MANY years, I think my first smartphone could quite possibly have been the Nokia N70 (that is considered a smartphone right?) My first mobile phone was the good old 5146 with SNAKE!! (who remembers that!!!)

    Then it was a series of Nokias, followed by a lot of phones in the last couple of years. Currently use a Lumia, iPhone 5 and One X+.

    Still, the Nokia N70. A nostalgic moment for me. A phone that was AWESOME!

  • My first Smartphone was the Nokia N95 8GB, it had so many features that became a standard in todays phones.

  • So many cool and innovative devices in that video. My first phone was the RAZR when I was 13. My first smartphone was an Audiovox running windows 6.5. I had a couple different Palm PDAs. I am so happy with my Galaxy S3 nowadays though. How the time flies. Cool Website guys. Just discovered it. #Clove20

  • #Clove20
    My first one was Imate PDA (guess thats what it was called) I won the handset from a game show held at my office party. It was my first touch phone experience!!!Was amazed with its specs – Had 2 battries in it, one main and other backup. It was a new concept all together!!!

    • one more thing to add….i used this phone for 4 years. Now thats what i miss in todays handsets!!! None of them survive for a year or max 2!!! Technology changes too fast nowadays!!!
      Do you agree? #Clove20

  • My first phone smart enough was Nokia E51. Absolutely brilliant phone, had it for about 4 years until I got Galaxy S.

  • My first smartphone was a blackberry curve 9320 which I bought to replace my sony ericsson brick.

  • My first smartphone/pda was an Etan M600+ bought from Clove, quite a few years ago. More than I care to remember.
    It was a lovely little phone, albeit was a little too thick, so it was rather uncomfortable in the pocket. It’s probably three or four times thicker than the smartphones of today. The operating system was Windows mobile which let it down a bit. Shame Android wasn’t around then, otherwise this would of been a great phone.
    You might say this was the pre-curser to the Samsung Note as it too has a stylus, neatly slides in out of sight.
    I still have this phone and haven’t had a smartphone since, but its about time I found new one…..but which one??? So many to choose from.

  • My first smartphone was the Nokia E61, was slightly miffed to discover it didnt have a camera. I followed that with its successor the Nokia E71 which thankfully did have a camera and quite a decent one at that for a 3.2mp

  • The first PDA I owned was an Apple Newton 120, which I used as an electronic field notebook as an archaeologist. The handwriting recognition engine was immense and the Newt went everywhere with me. The screen real estate was great and its size never bothered me much. Latterly I moved into PalmOS, but it was never as good…

  • MY 1st smartphone was NOKIA 3250,got it in 2006 and at that time i am so happy that i have got this phone, but time changed and now i feel technology grown so fast that i cant believe it !

  • If i’m not mistaken my very first smartphone was nokia 3250. It really cool for that moment, nice display, pretty good camera, player controls on the twisting platform, ohh, that good old times))

  • My first smartphone is Motorola XT910, got it in June 2012 from this website. Thank you very much Clove!

  • my first phone was the legendary nokia 3100. i was the first one with this phone and everybody was so exited from it.

  • My first smartphone was a Nokia 5800, otherwise known as a ‘music xpress’. At the time, I thought it was a sexy beast which was futuristic. It’s still in use to this day in fact as I gave it to my mum who’s used it for a little while but she is about to purchase a phone which is more advanced.

    A sturdy phone if nothing else. I don’t miss the pitifully responsive touch screen though.

  • I’m pretty sure my first ‘smartphone’ was Nokia Communicator 9200. At the time that was such an amazing device. Way ahead of it’s time due to its size and capabilities. I remember everyone was drooling over Nokia 8310 in its time. Don’t think anyone would use that now 😀

  • My first smart phone was IMATE K-Jam. and

  • My first smartphone was HTC Touch Pro2 T7373. It has served me well since November 2009. Further, I have been able to purchase additional accessories for it from Clove and they were delivered directly to me in Nairobi, Kenya.
    Keep it up Chris & Jill Love and may Clove get to the London Stock Exchange one day. Then we shall all celebrate it all again.
    God Bless you all at Clove Technologies.

  • My first PDA was the Toshiba E800 Pocket PC. One of the 1st Pocket PCs with a 4in screen and was pretty nice for the time.

  • My first PDA was a Handspring Visor. Can’t even remember how I got it, probably as a present from my parents and several years later I followed it up with a HP iPaq running WM5.0 which had just been released at the time.

    My first smartphone an Orange-branded SPV C500 which meant I had caught the smartphone bug and a few months later swapped it for a T-Mobile MDA Vario.

  • my first smart phone was a bb it was the first 1 released sorry cant remember what it called but it broke on me 2 weeks ago the damn thing now im stuck with a lil key ring phone hehe n it only does the basics but its the best 1 ive had yet 🙂

  • first smart phone was the t-mobile MDA compact 2 in grey loved that phone until i smashed the screen (a similar fate just met my nokia lumia 800)
    first phone my sisters old nokia 5110

  • Had one Palm PDA in 2000s, didn’t use it and thought it is for a big business men. At that time I was in 10th grade-))

  • Trium Mondo was my first. Big moster with black-and-white (!) touch display. But how cool it was to own a real pocket PC with phone and mobile internet!

  • My first smartphone was HTC desire. After two years I got “bored” of it decided to pimp it up. Ordered a white housing from ebay, broke the LCD while changing housings and then had to wait two more weeks for a new LCD.

    Still think it was worth it, as it looks much sexier & modern in white than the “meh” brown/black.

    /end of HTC desire story

  • My first smartphone was HTC Desire S which I’ve bought from Clove the very moment it appeared with Clover. I was and is still very happy about it.
    My congratulations and best wishes on your jubilee!!!

    Best wishes,

  • My first smartphone is HTC Desire S, bought at Clove, and I no longer want just a phone. Communication and Life has become much more convenient!

  • I’m going to show my age here but my first PDA (if you can call it that by today’s standards) was a Psion Organiser II. What is that I hear you say….?


    I’ve always been a gadget person and have owned many more since I got the Psion in 1991. How things have changed 🙂

  • I had a few phones before but I guess my first real smartphone was…a Palm Pre! Such a different OS, which probably explains why I’m now a Windows Phone fan, as it too is different to iOS and Android! =)

  • My first smartphone was a Blackberry Curve..it still love it but am tempted to get an Iphone!

  • My first smartphone (actually belonged to my wife) was an LG GW620F, followed by the much more capable Samsung Galaxy S2. A difference like night and day…

  • My first smartphone was an HTC Sensation. Still have it, it’s still really good! No need to upgrade that just yet..

  • My first phone was a Ericsson brick with 3 lines of black n white text screen, GA-628 I belive.
    I could throw that thing in the wall without giving it a dent.

  • BlackBerry Curve!
    Oh the power I thought I had in my hand! Internet with me wherever I go, what was this sorcery!

    I still have it too, its like a piece of history to my collection.

  • My first smartphone was Nokia 9500! Looks like the machine from the Future. MicroLaptop. Still love it. =)

  • My first PDA was a Palm Vx.. i bought it specially to read ebook edition of Lord of the Rings Trilogy..This was also my first books i’ve read in English.Since then i never buy books and use only electronic versions.

  • My first PDA was a brand new Psion Series 3MX many years ago, amazing machine. My first smartphone was a Nokia 9300i which sadly passed away in a washing machine incident. Now using a Nokia E63 which does all I need

  • My first phone was a nokia 3100 …God ol days! My first smartphone, was the “almighty” Motorola Defy… i miss it so much!!!

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