• Psion Series 5 Special Edition Charity Auction #clove20

    By Chris , November 23, 2012 - Leave a comment

    Update 30/11. Auction closed with a winning bid of £100 from Land of Technology, which will itself be giving away the Psion Series 5 in a competition soon. Thanks Guys!

    Update 30/11 We have had a late top bid of £80. We will be extending the auction closing time until 3PM to enable all previous bidders a chance to update their offer.

    Update 28/11 – Current top bid for the Psion Series 5 is £65 

    Update: 23/11/ – It is a Psion Series 5 that we have up for auction and on display in the unboxing video, not a 5MX as has been previously stated.

    So strong was the Psion brand and so popular were its devices that we still get requests today for Psion sales and repairs. Unfortunately we are no longer able to range the devices or offer repair services, but we do have a special one-off opportunity today for any enthusiasts out there to get their hands on a Psion 5MX Special Edition.

    Over the next week, we will be holding an auction for the Psion 5MX Special Edition. If you’re interested in making it yours, email wardy@clove.co.uk with your best offer and address details. We’ll periodically update this post and put out social media messages with the current top bid. The auction will close at 12PM (GMT) on Friday 30th November.

    The money raised from the winning auction bid will be donated to Queen Elizabeth Foundation for disabled people.

    You can see the Psion 5MX Special Edition in action in our classic unboxing video below.


    Chris founded Clove Technology in 1992 and has developed Clove to become a well known and respected supplier for high end mobile technology and himself become a well known figure within the industry. A father of two Chris is a lover of fast cars, football and Formula One. He spends a lot of time out on his road bike and also likes to head to the slopes now and again to show off his skiing skills. Only the best will do for Chris, posh restaurants, luxurious hotels, flash road bike and of course... the most upmarket smartphone available!!


  • Can you inform me of how much the Psion 5MX is as i would like to Consider to Purchase one if the cost is not to Much, As i am disabled from two brain injury’s it seem’s to hold of what i would need to Help in Recuperation of my I jury’s

    • Hi David,

      There is no set price at the moment – the 5MX is being auctioned. We will update the post at the start of next week with the current bid price.

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