Clove Vlog #50 – Wireless Charging

Is wireless charging the future?

In the 50th vlog from Clove we discuss how you handle your smartphone in your personal life, how many times you pick it up, check for missed calls and more.


  1. Mike Paterson says

    Totally agree with you Jon. It’s an idea that simply does not have enough in range to benefit the additional outlay.
    Another reason I won’t be adopting wireless charging is I use a portable 10,000mAh charger which means not only can I pick up my phone and connected charged to take with me as I move from room to room but if I need to pick up and use the phone whilst it is charging it then remains connected to the charger.


  2. Bugblatter says

    I’m using a Powermat with a puck plugged into my S3 for wireless charging. It’s not ideal and I’d like it built into the phone, but it’s still more convenient than plugging and unplugging the phone every time I want to check something on it.

    It’s not clear whether the Powermat will work with the Qi technology that’s in the Lumias and (supposedly) coming for the S3. It works on the same principle and the Powermat guys are part of the consortium, but that’s no guarantee.

    However you can get a new Powermat on ebay for well under a tenner. I’ve got the folding travel model, which is handy because I keep it folded as I only have the one device to use with it. It can unfold to charge three devices at once though, and it also has a USB port to charge a wired device.

    So if the Powermat works (fairly big if) then your issues with the price and the number of devices that can be charged will have been addressed. Well, apart from the prices of the new phone backs for devices that don’t come with it built in.