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    Always get the best picture with Nokia Smart Shoot

    Nokia have long included some very high quality cameras on their smartphones, combining top end lens technology from Carl Zeiss with impressive image stabilisation. With the newest Lumia 920 and 820 devices (of which the 920 camera has been widely praised in reviews) Nokia have added a new feature called Smart Shoot.image

    Smart Shoot will actually take a short burst of pictures instead of just one. You can then review these images and Smart Shoot will pick out and highlight moving objects and differences. The resulting mash up you can create is a mix that never really occurred but is the best final image. Taking a group photo and someone gets distracted and looks away as you take the shot? Then you can replace them with one where they were looking at the camera. Someone runs across the picture as you take it? Just delete them from it!

    You do have to keep the phone very still as you take the picture otherwise the background will get distorted but there’s no doubting that the feature works very well. A quick YouTube search will bring up some real life examples such as a car driving past as someone takes a shot and it can be easily removed. Smart Shoot may not be a deal breaker for anyone deciding on a new phone but for the camera enthusiast it’s a great feature and a worthy addition to the already outstanding camera feature set on the Lumia 920.


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