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    The HTC 8X is the best in class for Windows Phone 8 powered by a Qualcomm S4 1.5GHz Dual-core processor whilst featuring a 4.3-inch HD 720 Super LCD 2 display. The  HTC 8X has a incredible sound experience with Beats Audio integrated along with a built-in amp, superior camera capabilities with self portrait, video calling and perfect picture capture. Customise your phone with personalised real time updates with Live Tiles on a fabulous display.

    The 8X is the only Windows Phone with Beats Audio. The sound really is remarkable and authentic; quite possibly the best ever with even deeper bass, crisper vocals, and detailed high notes. The built-in headset amp really adds to the quality of the sound allowing for less distortion and noise. The amp has enough audio power for the markets high-end headphones. Put this to the test with over 17m great sounding tracks to choose from with Xbox music.

    The Wndows 8 OS allows you to personalise your home screen, ensuring that it operates to your needs. Personalise each live tile, resize, arrange and customize your tiles to give you a unique display that works just for you. The people Hub allows you to keep up to date with all your friends and family without switching from screen-to-screen which naturally saves time and a whole lot of hassle.

    Summary for WIndows 8 OS features:

    • Unique start screen
    • Live Tiles
    • People Hub
    • Fast Sharing to Facebook


    Featuring an 8MP Auto-focus camera along with the HTC image chip, you really cannot miss that all important moment with minimized blurriness and sharp, true-to-life colours. Fingers at the ready with the external camera button which will allow you to shoot at will even if your screen is locked. The camera is also designed to capture images in low light (light-pulling f/2.0 aperture lens, backside sensor illumination). Edit your photos with lenses, themes, colours and special effects to make that moment even greater. A fast sharing feature along with Facebook will ensure that you keep your friends & family up to date with all of your latest adventures. SkyDrive is a fantastic feature that will allow you to save your photos so you can have access to them anywhere at anytime, with 7GB of storage included free, SkyDrive lets you access all of your media on your computer from your Smartphone.

    Summary of camera features:image

    • HTC image chip
    • External camera button
    • Ultra-wide-angle front camera
    • Full screen Skype
    • Made for low light
    • Lenses
    • SkyDrive

    To no surprise the HTC 8X is proving extremely popular. We have more stock arriving into our warehouse today. For more information on the spec along with a detailed overview and official images please see our HTC 8X product page @ Clove Technology.


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