Android market share rises above 90% in China

Google’s OS now has a whopping majority in China

Android’s market share has risen above 90% in China. Although the figures may not be completely accurate (grey imports and cheap knock-offs are not taken into account), a slight 1% difference here or there isn’t going to make a difference to the fact that it has a clear monopoly. In-fact, its likely to be higher, rather than lower, if unofficial figures were to be taken into account.

Incredibly, Android’s Chinese market share has risen from 58.2% this time last year. Apple’s iOS market share has dropped from 6% to 4.2%, which is due to a combination of the iPhone 5 not yet being available in China and the generally higher prices of Apple products. The ~95% market share of iOS and Android does mean that there is little share left between the likes of Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

The figures come from Analysys, which TheNextWeb points out is worth taking note of due to its consistency in the past.

Source Tech In Asia

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