SIM-free HTC 8S Blue now due to arrive 23rd November

We have just had an update to say that the first stock of the SIM-free HTC 8S Blue is now due to arrive on November 23rd. At the moment we do not have a date as to when the other colours can be expected, but we will provide an update once the information is available.

The 8S is the second Windows Phone 8 handset to be released by HTC, with its larger sibling the 8X having launched earlier this month. It features a slightly less powerful feature set, although the difference in screen size between the two is a mere 0.3 of an inch. Unlike the 8X, the HTC 8S does have a microSD slot as well, meaning it does have the potential for larger overall storage if used with a 32GB card.

The pricing of the 8S caused quite a stir when we announced it back in September. At just £224.99 including VAT, the 8S gives you the chance to try Windows Phone 8 at a great price and in a very stylish handset. It follows the same vibrant colouring as the 8X, with a matte finish and lightweight design that feels great in the hand.

Check back to the Clove blog for further updates, videos and a review once the handset has launched.