1. Ian says

    Nice preview, thanks! Curious that the phone capability has been disabled but the Messaging application is still there, so presumably you can SMS with it. Interesting perspective as a thicker, heavier S3, as I tend to think of that as the smallest screen size I’d use nowadays, so it could be a pretty good form factor, if a little on the heavy side from the specs. One point – you mentioned it has an AMOLED screen, but the specs say it’s an LED variant, presumably for increased brightness in the outdoors it’ll be used most, I guess. Just hope the black variant is released before my December travelling…

    • Chris Ward says

      You can SMS with it, so it’s possible there could even be a work around for phone functionality. Not sure yet though. It isn’t all that pocketable, but you could carry it for a day if you can go without a phone. That was a mistake and it is actually Super HD LCD clear, not AMOLED.

  2. Mike Paterson says

    Thank you Jon.
    I am interested to see how this camera fares with the use of a SIM card and any phone capability, be it only available from other sources.
    Ian mentioned the Messenger app so I would agree SMS should bot be an issue, as should the likes of the app Viber ~ that would take care of sending photos without incurring additional picture messaging.

    I am also interested to see how the lens handles low light and DOF. Maybe you could add further comment on this Jon?

    All in all, nice one Samsung, I may just add this to my ‘large camera collection’. :)


  3. Andrew says

    Looking forward to the review, this device sounds like a point and shoot that I’d actually use regularly. Hopefully the sample photos are reasonably better than smartphone equivalents!

  4. MaLo says

    There are a lot of comments showed what poor of it, the slow shutter speed, the slow zoom-in-out speed, the slow focus speed.
    Please comment on the them in your review.

    Also, for fully charging battery, how long could you take the movies capture with using the most bright LCD.

    Thanks and looking forward to your review.