• Samsung Galaxy Camera v Nikon Coolpix S800c

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    How do two Android cameras compare?

    At the time of writing the Samsung Galaxy Camera is just hours away from arriving into stock (you can order HERE).

    Whilst it looks to compete with other compact cameras, even digital SLR cameras and those cameras found on smartphones, it does have one one direct competitor, the Nikon Coolpix S800c.

    We recently had hands on, and reviewed the Nikon Coolpix and we were fairly impressed but by no means blown away.  It came across limited in some places and lacking for the price point, although the image results were pleasing.

    Whilst we will make a fuller comparison soon between the two, how technically do they compare?

    Take a look at the following table:


    As you can see in many areas the Galaxy camera is ‘technically’ beating the Nikon Coolpix although it is much bulkier and heavier which is to be expected bearing in mind the screen size, but when it comes to everyday portability, does it become just that little bit too big?!

    Weight plays an important part when it comes to mobile technology as does size, it needs to be good for a camera with a 4.8” display to be accepted.

    The sensor size and lens angle are very similar, but the optical zoom, not digital (the type of zoom you want) is double on the Galaxy to that on the Nikon.  This means better pictures of distant objects.

    Nikon too has a reputation of good image results.  When it comes to cameras, who has been in the market longest with most experience? Nikon has. 

    On board memory and sharing files is a big thing too.  Both have microSD memory car slots but the Galaxy has 8GB of internal memory thus meaning more shot storage before you require a memory card.

    The provision of 3G on the Galaxy camera is a winner, but there is the need to have a 3G enabled SIM inserted to benefit.  This is an additional monthly cost and sharing images via 3G may quickly eat up your data allowance, so a cheap data tariff is likely to be out of the question.

    Having said all this, the Galaxy camera is part of a new breed and is defining the boundaries in smart camera technology. The addition of the latest version of Android and additional Samsung features makes the Galaxy a more attractive option.

    Be sure to check back soon for a full review and hands on comparison.


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  • This may seem a silly question but…

    Will the galaxy camera allow manual overrides such as exposure, focus and so on?

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