• SGS3 Black 64GB available to pre-order

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    Back in August we revealed that the black variant of the SGS3 would be available in a variant that has 64GB internal storage.

    We have now had some indicative pricing and availability through for the SGS3 Black 64GB and have made it available to pre-order for £500 (£600 including VAT). Stock is expected to be available in approximately two months time. However, at this stage it is not guaranteed that we will range the handset as we will need to place an order for a minimum number of units. We are therefore taking the following course of action:

    • The SGS3 Black 64GB is now available to pre-order on the Clove website (placing a pre-order will not result in your card being charged).  
    • In two weeks time we will decide whether or not to take stock of the handset based on the number of pre-orders that we have received for the handset.
    • If we have received enough pre-order interest for the handset and decide to range it, we will ask customers to confirm these pre-orders and to make payment. At this stage we will provide an updated ETA for the arrival of stock. Do be aware that from this point onwards there is likely to be a 5-6 week lead time.
    • We will then ship orders as soon as stock arrives.

    Here in the UK, the majority of high end Android handsets are released with 16 or 32GB internal storage. The recently released HTC One X+ is the first Android handset to feature 64GB internal storage. However, unlike the S3, the One X+ does not include a microSD slot. The S3 64GB will therefore be the first handset to offer a combined total of 128GB storage (64GB internal + 64GB microSDXC slot).


    p>We’ll provide any further updates via the Clove Blog and website as and when they are available. If you do want an SGS3 64GB, please place a pre-order on the Clove website as soon as possible in order to stand the best possible chance of it happening.


    This article was written by a member of the Clove Team. Clove is a specialist provider of mobile technology products, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, connected home products, memory cards and associated accessories.


  • Am i to take it that if you stock the 64gb samsung galaxy s3, that it will be close to Christmas or maybe the new year before i receive it

  • Hi

    Couple of quick questions on the 64Gb S3:

    – is it available in other colours? I’d ideally like titanium or blue rather than black.

    – does it come with a 64Gb microSD card? The forum (mobot?) that directed me here suggested it does (but I’d be surprised!).


  • Any idea on whether this will have 2 GB RAM like the Samsung Galaxy S3 i9305?
    Any idea if it will be LTE ready for the UK 800 MHz band?


  • Are these UK stock (hence got UK firmware) or will they be imported (and therefore won’t be receiving updates).

  • Hi Chris,

    I note the Clove website says this model supports a microSDHC card. Looking around on the web many S3 users seem to be suggesting it can take the SanDisk 64GB Ultra microSDXC Card. The only difference appears to be some users are suggesting this card worked straight away without the need to format it whilst others are suggesting you’re best formatting it using the phone first. In the first insance can you just confirm it will take a microSDXC Card?


    • Hi Stephen,

      Yes we have found that it does work with a 64GB microSDXC card, so you should be fine. Like you say, you may need to format it first.

  • Hi, last time I requested an update you told me “We will have an update on this later this week.” Now that week has passed, so please let me know your decision on stocking this handset?

  • Will a phone sourced from abroad have full warranty (think they have 2yrs here?) and also be able to receive software updates etc?

    • Hi Andy,

      It will be covered by the warranty, but in most cases would need to be returned to the country of origin for repair. Updates would be available.

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