Motorola RAZR i User Manual/User Guide

Need help with your Motorola RAZR i?

Click the icon below to take a look at the English user manual for the Motorola RAZR i.

If you click the icon below you will be able to view the quick start guide for the RAZR i.


  1. Clove says

    This accounts page is where it will be. If you click into the email, browser or WhatsApp you should be able to then turn the sync on.

  2. Juca Lima says

    Hi everybody. Could anyone tell me please how to delete calls driven to the “Favourites” field?
    Without this, life becomes very dificult, thanks.

    • Chris Ward says

      Hi Juca,

      If you look for the settings buttons whilst in the call log (usually bottom right or bottom left), there should then be an option to ‘clear favourites’ or ‘clear frequents’.