1. Alex says

    Dear Admin

    I hope to find out some facts about xperia j that i didnt found clearly on profile sites…
    1.Does this phone has noise shiled or dedicated micrphone option for calling?
    2.The menu of the camera has image stabilisation option? Does it has problems at focusing?
    3.Xloud is functioning good…the bass phase is noticeable listening to non-bass music…?
    I hope to get an precise answer because it’s very hard to find this important specifications!

    Thank you!

    • Clove says

      Hi Alex,

      Sorry but we do not have the answer to these. You may be best trying to contact Sony technical support.

      • Alex says

        I see…
        But can you tell me, what xperia model has the possibility to play music at the same time as taking photos…?
        Thank you!

  2. n rajpoot says

    can anybody tell me how to get full screen mode for media content (vedio songs & wallpaper) plz! for xperia j?

  3. T.S.Chua says

    How to look for (Go to To-do list) like Nokia Phone on Sony Xperia J, I have been looking for a icon of To-Do List, I need it to remind me of medical check-up appoitment (And How to create Reminder Note)
    Thank you

  4. Geoff says

    Hi I have got a sony Xperia J and down loaded the sony pc companion program, but its not picking up my phone on the usb cable. do you need to activate the phone some how?

    • Clove says

      Did the drivers get installed properly to detect your phone? Try plugging into a different USB port or looking on the phone to see what mode the phone is connected in.

      • Geoff says

        Thanks for the help but ‘Ive tried that. I am using XL SP3 do you think that may be the problem? The only way I can get it to sync with my pc is to go to settings and tick the box to tether with USB. Doesn’t this start an internet connection though the phone though?

        • Clove says

          Tethering does yes. The software should work. Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the software?

          • Geoff says

            Thanks for you help Clove. Got it sorted now – turned out to be the drivers as you said. All the best .

  5. Elizabeth Jane says

    I can’t connect my phone to laptop with USB, as I only have internet on my phone and my contract won’t let me tether. Is there any way of transferring my photos and videos from internal memory to my ed card on the phone?

    • Clove says

      If you connect your phone to the laptop with USB it will not be classed as tethering as you are using it like a memory stick to be able to remove the pictures on the phone. It will only be classed as tethering if you use the phone to allow you to browse the internet on your laptop.

      To copy photos on the phone memory to the sd card use an app like Astro file manager and you can copy folders of photos and paste them to the SD.

  6. Mário Reis says

    Good evening.

    Since I updated my Sony Xperia J, last week, I can’t recharge it. Neither normal recharge device or usb cable!
    Can you help me please.

    Mário (Oporto – Portugal)

    • Clove says

      Hello Mário, it sounds like the device may need a repair.
      Was the Xperia J purchased from Clove? If so then please send your details through to and our returns team will respond.
      If the device was purchased elsewhere then you will need to contact either the retailer or your local Sony support directly to organise a repair

  7. Anne says

    i updated my sony xperia J on the pc companion, it went off then when i turn it on, its not working already. what to do?

  8. Valerie says

    I have just got sony xperia j I am having trouble with my e-mails? ( carn’t always open them, delete them, but have deleted them on my lap-top? but still show on my phone) HELP!

    • Clove says

      Have you checked how often that the phone is synchronising with your email account? It may be that your phone has not synchronised your email since you deleted them on the laptop.

  9. saireen says

    hello, i just got my xperia j and when i connected it to pc using the usb cable, gosh! it just loses control i cant even touch the screen.. i then again tried but still the same thing happen.. what to do with this? im pretty sure nothing’s wrong with the pc and the cable.. others have the same problem,,,pls help

    • Clove says

      Seems odd that the phone should react that way when connected to the PC. What Operating System is on the PC? What were you connecting it to the PC for?

  10. Mark says

    For some reason my new xperia J has set a screen lock, I have not set any passwords accept the main sim password, wen I turn phone on I enter pw to unlock sim. then for some resason the screen locks, I cannot get on to my phone as i have not rest my passwrod. and cannot reset as cannot get into phone.

    Please help – someon – anyone:)


    • Clove says

      Mark, Speak to Sony to see what they advise. There is a reset option but this will wipe all your data.

  11. Andrew says

    I bought a sony xperia j Mobile, 1 month before, but backside of tne phone gets heated, what can be done to prevent this?

  12. ria p. says

    my xperia j does not work anymore after I unfinished update it when I accidentally unplug the USB cord and into my PC when i got nap.

    • Clove says

      Go into the phone and there is a call log showing you all calls and messages. You will be able to see the missed calls too.