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    By Chris Ward , October 31, 2012 - Leave a comment

    Update 23/1: The dock can be ordered HERE at £54.99 inclusive of VAT.

    We’ve just listed a great looking Smart Dock for the Samsung Galaxy Note II. This is an official accessory and provides a range of connectivity features: 3 x full USB port, full HDMI port, microUSB port and 3.5mm audio jack. It’s can also be used with a Samsung flip cover (and other slimline covers) fitted to the handset.

    Samsung Galaxy Note II Smart Dock Front

    Unfortunately it is not yet available to order as we await pricing and availability details, but we’ll provide an update as soon as we have them.

    With devices becoming more and more powerful, accessories such as this give the opportunity for a truly converged setup. If you only use a desktop computer for basic features –web browsing, media playback, etc. – this kind of setup could completely replace your computer.

    The video below demonstrates a similar setup using the Galaxy Nexus, but this made use of an MHL cable and Bluetooth connectivity, rather than the more reliable USB ports and HDMI connection that the Smart Dock offers.


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  • Thanks Chris,
    The trouble with Samsung is they publish items but you then have to wait and wait, more so nothing materializes.
    This is the big difference between Samsung and Apple.
    With Apple they give you a date and sure enough you get it, be that different hardware configuration sizes or accessories.
    Just look at the fiasco with the Note 2 and 10.1 ~ you can only get them in 16GB models despite Samsung advertising differently.


    • Couldn’t agree more Mike. There isn’t another manufacturer comparable to Apple in this sense at the moment, although Samsung has improved recently with the release of its S3 accessories and Note II, to an extent. It’s crazy as it’s easy money that they’re all missing out on.

    • i agree with your point that accessories are slow to come by and when they do they dont always work together like with the original note when fitted with the samsung flip case it wouldnt fit with the official car dock and desk dock. hopefully this time around it will be better with the note 2.

      also there is a 64gb korean version but dont know if it will work in the uk. would want the korean version with 64gb if it would work in the uk, bonus is that it has a TV antenna built in to watch terrestrial television like some brazilian version of the original note that had a TV antenna too. think both the respective videos are on their respective playlists on this link http://www.youtube.com/user/veryannoyingname/videos?flow=grid&view=1 check out those videos to see how the TV antenna works. have the video of the note 2 with TV antenna on the note 2 playlist, not sure if have the video of the note with TV antenna on the GT N7000 playlist though but am sure there was a brazilian version of that phone with TV antenna. wish someone would make an app for a dvb tv tuner to work on android devices without root being required. i do know that there are youtube videos of dvb tv tuners working with android tablets and i think that video is there in one of the playlists on the link given too.

    • It’s handy that it does HDMI and USB at the same time; with the S3 connectors you have to choose one or the other.

      I’d still rather go wireless though; Bluetooth for the mouse and keyboard and AllShare Cast for the video and audio (or even better the newly-announced Miracast compatibility in Android 4.2).

      There was talk a while ago of a Linux desktop being installed onto phones for use when they’re docked. That was a year or two ago now and I’ve heard nothing more, which is a shame as it would remove many people’s need for a desktop or laptop.

      But yes, Samsung treats its customers pretty shabbily when it comes to accessories and carrier-exclusives (had to get my 32Gb S3 from Germany!). I’m still impatiently awaiting the wireless charging we were promised many, many months ago. It was a selling-point of the S3 and yet it’s nowhere to be seen.

      Samsung did the same with the screen recorder functionality on the Note II. It was reviewed with that feature, it was a major reason my gf bougt it, and yet Samsung left it off shipped units without explanation. I heard a rumour it’ll turn up in an update, but a rumour’s not good enough.

      Even the split-screen functionality, another big selling point, wasn’t there at launch.

      • Advertising the wireless charging at launch was rather cheeky. It was then estimated for release in September and we’re now in November. People just won’t take announcements seriously if it keeps happening.

        • I`m already at that point Chris.
          With only the 16GB models available and accessories harder to find than a Higgs boson, Samsung`s marketing team should write fairy tale books.


    • There is a micro-SD slot in the Note 2 so you can use much more (+64Go) than 16Go… not like Apple…

      • Yes, but where the 16GB model fails is after the basic installation you are only left with 11.2GB on the internal sd card and no matter how big an external micro sd card you add it will not allow you to install or move any data from that little internal space to the external storage…..

        To further explain ~ you have 11.2GB internal storage.
        Every time you install an app and it’s associated data that all comes out of the internal storage space.
        Now, with certain apps it’s no issue as these will only be around a few to 50MB in size, however it is the associated data files that have to be downloaded after the app has been installed which takes what precious storage space you have…
        Some titles require over 1GB of additional data before you can run the app. As you can see it doesn’t take many apps installed before you have used all of that 11.2GB storage.


  • Hi guys, this looks great. Will this function with a samsung galaxy s3 or do you know of a smart Dock that would give the s3 functionality?


    • Hi Matt,

      It’s possible that the dock will be compatible with the S3 as it uses the same MHL connection as the Note. We will test as soon as we have received stock.

      • “We will test as soon as we have received stock”.
        Goodness Chris, that’s a lot of faith you have there 😉


  • I have been dabbling with this idea since I got my S3 and I am not having any trouble, it is responsive and works well. The one thing I would like to see become more affordable in this area is wireless; I know I can get my S3 to charge wirelessly, connect to a TV wirelessly and have a keyboard and mouse connect wirelessly… But to actually get that I would have to spend a lot of money. I like wires, but for mobile ease it would just be nice to walk in to my house, place my phone on the powermat without having to mess around with wires and use it as a computer. In the end though I am happy with what I have for the moment. Hopefully the whole wireless area becomes more affordable for the future.

    • Hi Loz,

      At the moment we are still waiting for an ETA to be confirmed for this, but will update as soon as possible.

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