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    We’ve had a fair few enquiries over the last 48 hours about Nokia Lumia 920 pricing and availability.

    Unfortunately we’re yet to receive SIM-free pricing, although we have now had an indication that some SIM-free stock should be available to us fairly soon after the handset launches in the UK.

    At the moment we have no information about colour availability and pricing, but we will update as soon as possible with further details.

    As soon as we’ve had price and an estimated time of arrival come through, we will make the handset available to order on the Clove website and post an update.


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  • I can’t wait for this! Hearing so many conflicting things, some say on sale in UK now, others mid November, and yet others say end of this week!!

    • Nokia haven’t done a very good job of making it clear what’s going on thus far. Hopefully we’ll have a bit more transparency in the coming weeks

        • I’m afraid it might be even worse than that.
          I read this article on wpcentral.com.

          “Lumia 920
          Official availability of the 920 will be from the 2nd of November and available in Black, White, Red & Yellow options. It is an EE exclusive which means you can have it on either Orange or T mobile tariffs if the deals on the brand new 4g tariffs are not to your liking. EE Stores & Phones 4u will be serving them up, in fact we already reported Phones 4u were getting things ready.

          We have been advised that EE have the exclusive until the end of the year and it will not be possible to buy the handsets offline (without a contract) while this is in place, apart from Phones4u where it’ll be available for £459 (according to promotion material). Nokia have indicated that may extend the exclusive may be extended. Nokia advised they are concerned with “best execution” which likely means they are seeking to place the 920 into stores that can provide a premium retail experience.”

        • Sometimes these exclusives don’t apply to SIM-free stock as it is really the contract customers that networks are interested in. I agree though the press releases haven’t been very helpful thus far.

    • Hi Giles,

      We’re still waiting for confirmation of the colours. Will provide an update ASAP.

  • Yup I cant wait for this either! I want it in Red 🙂 Will be nice to go back to Nokia as well 🙂

  • I am glad you posted something. I just hope you stock all colours very soon.

    You are a great online seller sadly Nokia has messed things up.

    • As someone else put it, Nokia’s customers are the networks, not the people who buy the phones.

      They seem to think that keeping the networks happy is the most important thing when in reality most of us have a bit of contempt for the networks as they overcharge us and seem more interested in high speed city data than providing decent coverage.

      • Not the best approach when really, in order for Windows Phone to succeed, it needs to be available to as many different people as possible from as many different outlets.

  • I really hope Nokia haven’t been as stupid as some of the press releases/comments are making out. Apart from anything I want a 920 in Grey, but I have a pre-existing contract that there’s no way I can buy out of now, and the thought of dealing with EE is horrendous. Look forward to any updates, if you get stock I’ll be up there on the list…

  • aye I have a 30day rolling contract where I get 600mins, unlimited data & wifi @ £20/month, ain’t leaving that for EE, outrageous pricing etc. I would always prefer to buy Sim-Free, as it’s cheaper in the long run. plus NokiaUK tweeted me back saying “Sorry, we’re unable to confirm exact timings on this for you at the moment” It’s annoying as HTC has priced & have a launch date.

  • Another site (Digital Phone) has taken down their 920 pre-order. So it doesn’t look good, I wish there was another phone with all of this cool technology. I’d buy it in an instant.

    • Had an email from them to say that they can’t get the phone.

      Nice work Nokia, connecting people? yes, connecting people with Android, HTC and Samsung.

  • okay thats really good because I was kinda worried that I won’t be able to get my hands on this beautiful Sim Free Smartphone now I am waiting 🙂

    • Lauren, I belive the recipent of contact page you provided is a Nokia employee. It is not the investors. Too bad.

  • It´s been a while since I last owned a Nokia phone. After the feature phone era, I have gone from iPhone to HTC to Samsung. But deep in my heart I have always been a Nokia fan, waiting patiently for them to wake up and suddenly realize that the smartphone era has actually started. I am positive that with the Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8 OS, the empire will for sure strike back. Especially in the business segment. I really hope it is not too late for them to give Android and iOS based smartphone vendors a good spanking 🙂

    Looking forward to the release of the phone here in Norway, on the 29th of November 2012.

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