New Devices/Stock Arrival Dates

There are a whole host of new devices hitting the market at the moment and it is quite possible you could be waiting for one of them.

Please find below a list of the current arrival dates for a variety of products.

Updated 1/11/12


  1. Jon says

    Still nothing from Nokia confirming prices or dates then. They’re really making it hard for you guys, aren’t they.

    • Chris Ward says

      Nope – no pricing as of yet. The other Lumia launches went as exclusives initially, so could be a similar situation.

  2. Paul says

    I was looking for the Droid DNA (HTC DLX). When that phone goes pre-order I am there, the same day!

    • Chris Ward says

      Hi Paul,

      Unfortunately that sounds like a US only model so we will be unlikely to stock it unfortunately :( Were there any particular features on that handset that interested you?

    • Paul says

      HTC, Verizon hosting joint unveiling event Nov. 13.
      HTC DROID DNA rumored for December 6 release.

      Work your magic clove! Get that beauty.