Xbox Smartglass launching October 26th, coming to Android & iOS early 2013

Microsoft has released an official video demo of its new Xbox Smartglass technology, which is due to launch for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows RT on October 26th. Third party clients for Android and iOS will then be made available in early 2013 according to Pocket-Lint.


Xbox Smartglass enables you to share content between the screens of your smartphone, tablet and TV and acts as a remote. It also provides supporting content (when available) on your smartphone or tablet when watching a movie/TV show or playing a video game. Unfortunately the UK won’t have the same supporting content as the US for launch, as James Pearce of Coolsmartphone points out:

Smartglass is basically an updated version of the Xbox Companion app and it will allow you to play content on your tv and let you control that content from the comfort of your sofa. As usual it seems that in the UK we are going to be getting a trimmed down version of the whole experience as the US has a load of media content providers signed up to work with the new update. The UK at launch seems to be stuck with the existing BBC and YouTube offering.

This is only initially though and Smartglass will surely be a great addition to Microsoft’s entertainment offering. It’s features like this that it will hope to leverage in order to convert more of its Xbox users to Windows Phone.

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