E-Ink Android smartphone could offer a week’s battery life

Anyone that’s used a Kindle e-reader will know the advantages of an E-Ink device – it has incredible battery life and is highly visible in direct sunlight. This does come with disadvantages – at the moment displays are black and white and page refreshes are slow – but in the right situation these sacrifices are worth the extra juice. The Kindle is the perfect fit for E-Ink technology, and there is now an E-Ink Android phone on the way from Chinese manufacturer Onyx.

At the moment the handset details are scarce, but ARM devices reports that it will weigh less than 100g and run on a ARM Cortex-A5 processor. The video below shows an E-Ink device in action. It should be noted that battery life is reported as being 1 week (not 1 month as is mentioned in the video) and that the version of Android that the handset is running is optimised for LCD screen, not E-Ink, so the screen refresh rate should be faster on final release devices.

E-Ink devices may not be suited to power users that consume media and need a vibrant display, but a cheap handset that only needs charging once per week could certainly be useful in emerging markets. Colour E-Ink is also in development with talk of Amazon releasing a colour Kindle in the near future.


Via AndroidOS.in

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  1. Mike Paterson says:

    Thanks Chris. I for one would purchase an E-Ink phone in a heartbeat.


  2. Shaun McGill says:

    I love the idea of an e-ink phone- so many practical benefits. I still think the Kindle size (and screen) is perfect as a tablet for those who would want to do basic organisation etc.


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