• Samsung confirms Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update coming to UK handsets this month

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    Samsung has confirmed via its Facebook page that the UK Samsung Galaxy S III will be updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean this month. Unfortunately the news isn’t so good for US users, who have the vague timescale of ‘within the next few months’ to go by. The update does apply to the region in which the handset was bought, so any US users that have bought an unlocked SGS3 from Clove (or any other UK retailer), will receive the update this month.


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  • Hooray! Though the experiences of folk running the other European JB S III releases in the last few weeks have been rather mixed, with complaints of eg. battery life taking a substantial hit.

  • They’ve been saying this month for quite some time, but at least they’re still sticking to it.

    Over on XDA Devs the majority seem to be happy with the battery life, but given that Project Butter is mostly about keeping the processors at full speed during UI interractions then we have to expect some hit. A few are reporting big hits though; might be that they have more UI-intensive usage patterns.

    A lot of people were running leaks of course, or the Polish and Korean versions (which it seems were beta tests).

    • That’s interesting about Project Butter, I didn’t realise that was the reason it’s so intensive on battery life.

    • I flashed this and had a quick go. In the end I went for a custom ROM though (InsertCoin Evolution 2.1.0) which is based on the same core but has less bloatware and is more optimised.

      So far it seems good, although I didn’t really have any complaints about ICS on the S3. I think the browser scrolling and zooming is smoother; other than that there wasn’t much to improve.

      I was hoping to get some of the Note II goodies as well (split-screen especially) but it looks as though they’ll have to wait. I’ve seen split-screen working on an S3 on YouTube so hopefully it’ll be along before too long.

      The only real complaint I have about the S3 is still there. When streaming bluetooth audio it kills the wi-fi performance and also causes wi-fi disconnections. That means I can’t reliably stream from, say, Napster to BT unless I switch to 3G. I suspect it’s a hardware issue; probably wi-fi and BT use the same aerial. It’s possible that when I get a 5GHz router the problem might go away; here’s hoping.

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