Nikon Coopix S800C Android Camera Unboxing

The worlds first standalone Android camera gets unboxed.

There are countless Android smartphones with cameras built in but no cameras running Android rather than proprietary operating systems. That was the case until Nikon announced the Coolpix S800c.

We unbox S800c below and give our first impressions.A full more detailed review will follow.

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  1. Mike Paterson says:

    As someone who loves Photography I have many dedicated digital cameras from the likes of Nikon, Olympus, Fuji, Panasonic and Canon.
    Granted, this new camera from Nikon is hardly going to compete against my monstrously large and heavy Nikon but I was hoping for so much more from this little number.
    Running Gingerbread 2.3.3 it is already outdated as far as the OS is concerned and although the OS will not matter one iota as far as taking a shot goes it does though lean heavily on how the camera will be used and operated.
    Whilst I am both happy and surprised it is Nikon first venturing into the Android Camera market, I can’t help but think though it is going to be an uphill struggle all the way, especially when we have the soon to be released Samsung Android Camera about to hit our shores.
    Samsung are coming on leaps and bounds in the digital camera area and they are already a leader in the Android market and that is where I feel this little fella from Nikon has an awful lot to learn still.


    • Chris Ward says:

      Thanks for your insight Mike.

      I am agreed that Nikon has probably been a bit rushed in getting this to market. I expect that it has had an Android camera in the works for a while, but perhaps got wind of Samsung releasing an Android camera and therefore released this one a bit sooner.

  2. Nik Louch says:

    I’m more keen on the Galaxy Camera when that launches, but I assume that if you don’t like the stock camera app, you can just download one of the many better apps off the store?


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