Nokia Lumia 820/920 wireless accessories priced, available to order

We have this afternoon received pricing for a number of the new Nokia Lumia 820/920 wireless charging accessories, including:

At the moment we do not have a release date confirmed, but the accessories are expected to be available for the launch of the handsets.

Each of the accessories above is listed on the Clove website in a variety of colours. We will be adding other accessories from the range as soon as we have pricing available and will provide an availability update once we have a more precise release date.


  1. Bugblatter says

    Wow that’s expensive! It’s got me wondering how much the S3 kit will cost.

    It seems Nokia’s solution uses Qi, which is inductive charging (like the old Powermat and many electric toothbrushes).

    Not sure what the S3 will use; chances are it’ll be similar in which case my old Powermat may work. In fact if it works a Powermat might be a cheap alternative to the charging plate.

    Apparently one of the major alternatives to inductive charging is resonance charging, which doesn’t require such precise placement of the phone. You can even put the phone next to the charging object rather than on it. I think Intel was looking to support that technology, which would allow you to charge your phone just by putting it next to, say, your laptop. If the S3’s going to use this it could explain the looooong delay in it being released, but I still think it’s unlikely.

      • Chris Ward says

        That’s good for the consumer that Samsung is using it as well. The new Nexus is also rumored to have wireless charging so one would assume that that would also use Qi.

        • Bugblatter says

          My gf just got her Note II (thanks guys) and it seems to have the wireless charging built into the back.

          She’s still charging the phone from the mains before the first use, but later on I’ll see if my Powermat can charge it.

  2. Giles says

    Look for QI wireless chargers. They will work.

    Different wireless systems use different coil sizes etc.

  3. Nat says

    im looking to get a wireless charger but was looking at the powermat, has any one tried it with the lumia 820??