Sony Xperia T (LT30p) User Manual/Guide

The official Sony user manual for the Sony Xperia T.

Below is the official user guide for the Sony Xperia T. Click the icon to be taken to the manual in English.


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  1. Kevin Nunn says:

    I am glad i found this site, i am happy with the phone but i want it for its apps not neccesarily phone calls. I have looked at the info on here several times and found it very helpfull.

  2. I have loads of pics on my experia t but however I try I can’t view them on my tv even if they go onto a memory stick. Help please! Any advice?

    • They appear on the phone ok? When you try to display them on the TV are you connecting your Xperia T with a HDMI cable or have you transferred the photos onto a memory stick? Do they appear/are they viewable on a computer?

  3. Alan Grayson says:

    I’m new to this phone. Is there a way to turn off the touch vibrate that you get through the keys when composing a message?

    • Have you tried looking at the settings for the keyboard?

      • Alan Grayson says:

        Had a look under settings but nothing cancels the key vibrate when composing messages. It seems to be the only thing that you cannot cancel thro ‘settings’. Just wondered if this was hidden away in some other area.

  4. I have just got a Sony experia T and want to no can u have music as ringtones??

  5. robert bassett says:

    how do i change my alarm ringtone to one stored in my music files,new to the phone and the instruction manual is none existent!!!!

  6. I seem to have managed to set up my phone with WiFi, no problem. But now that I’m out of the house, I can’t get a normal mobile signal! So, I can’t use it as a mobile…..! Can anyone help, pls? I’m sure it’s very simple but I cannot figure it out…..

    • Victoria, do you have a data allowance with your network provider? If so it is just a case of inputting the relevant settings.

  7. any idea how to make a wallpaper full screen?
    As in, not have to crop the photo?


    • The best thing you can do is re-size it on a computer to the correct resolution but not guaranteed to be ideal.

  8. My phone has randomly switched off and it will not turn on, even when I plug the charger in…it shows no response or any sign of life. I have only had it two months, it still had loads of battery life when it went off. Please can you help with how to resolve the problem

  9. how do i delete a number off my sim car i only want to delete one but cant find sim settings anyware got sony x peria t thankyou

    • Go into the contact on the phone, click menu and there should be an option to delete or some form of Bin or eraser icon.

  10. Any idea how to use the internet to view normal sites, I dont always want mobi (mobile) sites ?

    • Most sites have an option to view the ‘desktop’ site but in the settings you can tell it to load full desktop sites.

  11. Netty179a says:

    Hiya, my loudspeaker has stopped working …. tried evrything I can find online but to no avail. The volume shows as being on and up to full but no loudspeaker. Also there’s an odd symbol top right that I’ve not seen before and can’t find it online either …. getting very frustrated now haha xx Any advice more than welcome xx

  12. How can I find out what all the tool bar symbols are next to signal strength etc. Have got a couple I can’t find anywhere. The latest appeared after jelly bean update.

  13. I have the Google play music app on my phone, but I can’t set the music on that as aringtone, can anybody help ??

  14. I just bought xperia t. I’m happy with it but it just heats up so soon.what can i do ? thanks in advance!

    • Try turning some connections off on the phone. Allow it to ventilate more if possible. Or if you think it is still getting too hot, speak to Sony.

  15. trying to send pictures it reads queued for sending. how do I send?