• Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100) –User Manual/Guide

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    The official Samsung user manual & quick start guide for the Galaxy Note II (Note 2) Android smartphone

    Below is the official user guide for the Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100). Click the icon to be taken to the manual in English.


    Below is the quick start guide for the Note 2.



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  • I mistakenly pressed something on my phone that has resulted in it going incognito …how do I reverse this

    • Incognito mode usually applies to web browsing – if you’ve opened an Incognito window when browsing, incognito mode is stopped when closing the incognito window.

  • I Downloaded Skype and it won’t work so i need to reinstall it to see if it will work then but been told i need to Reset the Phone?

    Any and all Help and Where i might be able to download a Better Copy of Skype..


    • Hi John,

      It’s not a case of being able to download a better copy unfortunately. Uninstalling it and then downloading it again from the Android market would be the first course of action, then if that doesn’t work you would need to try resetting the phone. As far as I know there are no compatibility issues with Skype running on the Note II so it should be a problem that can be fixed.

  • When I tried to use the phone I get a message Conditional Call Forwarding Active and the call dies. Is there a way I can correct this?

    • Hi Mary,

      If you right-click the page once it has loaded, there should be an option to save a copy.

    • To put the manual in you phone, download it on your PC and put it into your documents. Then email it to your Note 2 email account and download it into your Note Doc files. (it is a PDF file )

  • How can I delete the logs in the email section.
    When I click on new email and touch the box in the this section and slide along to “logs” All the email address sent or received are there. How can these be deleted?

  • I have problem. When I want to operate with messaging, blank page will appear and dialog box says, unfortunately, messaging has stopped.

    Help me to solve.


  • Hey,

    I have mistakenly set my Note II to touch disable and when I am pressing something on screen the phone is speaking the action (this option is for blind or low vision peoples). PLease help me to make my phone’s touch active as I am unable to reach the settings of my phone.


    Rohit Saraswat

    • Be aware that you need to tap the screen twice to scroll when TalkBack is on. However, there’s a knack to it. You have to keep your finger on the screen on the 2nd tap and then scroll.

      The manual just says tap twice – which is not the full explanation. Took me half a day to figure this out when I set TalkBack.

  • How i can do to make bigger again my keyboard i don’t know what i did so my keyboard now is small like a i phone i want to get back normally again

  • How do you move sent items into folders in the stock mail app?

    It would be nice to be able to see the inbox and sent items in the same folder, like on the htc.

  • If you inadvertently switch on Talk Back, scrolling becomes a nightmare unless you know the knack. Took me half a day to figure it out, during which it was quite embarrassing with the Note speaking to me all the time. The instructions could be a bit more precise.

  • Just got the Samsung Galaxy Note II but didn’t configure it yet. Your comments though are quite helpful. Will comment later on when the device is fully set up.

  • Hi, i can’t delete mails in outgoing folders. its keep resending. Please help.
    Tried deleting so many times but fails.

  • I’m trying to find a way to move my apps & games to my SD card. My other phone (DroidRazr) let me do it on the phone. Will I have to do it via teathered computer?

      • Only trouble here though Chris is Apps2sd is not Compatible with Android v4 (ICS). If you use anything with Android v4 (ICS), the functionality to move apps to the SD has been removed by Google. As soon as a user updates to ICSyou lose the functionality. You will see the “external storage is emulated….” message and the button in the app config screen is gone. Don’t blame the developer, blame Google, and complain to them to fix it.


          • It’s been like it since ICS Chris.
            It’s Google.
            As you know they are dead against USB and External Memory.
            They’ve also ‘JUST’ amended the LG Nexus 4 so that it now can not access USB.


  • My best friend just got a Galaxy Note 2 (I however have a Blackberry) Could you give me instructions (like step 1, step 2 etc.) on how to send a text and how to receive a text with this new phone?

    • The fact you have a Note 2 and your friend has a Blackberry makes no difference. Just follow the instructions in the user guide at the top of this blog.

  • What do I have to do to set up my husband’s Samsung note 2 that allows him to connect to internet while on the phone??? I have the galaxy 3 n I’m able to access the internet while being on the phone!! This was an early Christmas present for my husband n he was so excited to b able to talk n surf the web at same time… yet he can’t, we were told the note had this feature… any clue y it’s not working???? what do I need to do to get this going????? Been trying to figure it out b4 he leaves Town on business cause I’m losing sleep trying to find this setting option I’m begging for help…. thanks

    • Basically there are 2 ways.

      When on the phone, if you press the return key and keep your finger on it, you open a tab on the left. If you select the one for Internet (or any other application), you can browse the web while on the phone.

      The other way is to press and keep pressed the middle button at the bottom. That will open a screen with all the applications currently running. Just select the one you want and you can then use it while still on the phone.

  • My problems are as follow;-
    how to sync mobile contact with computer and computer to samsung note

  • My contact list on Blackberry is synchronised with my yahoo mail id. How do i transfer it to my Note 2?

  • I made the mistake of choosing Box.com as automatic image source when adding images in S Note. Now when trying to add an image the phone goes to Box.com automatically every time, and I cannot find a way to change the source back in the settings to the multiple choice screen (gallery, box.com, etc.)

    Sadly there was no info about this in the user manual either (or I missed it). Any idea where this can be set up?

    • Nevermind, I finally found the option:
      Settings –> Application manager –> All –> Reset app preferences

      (I love the phone, but the internal programs and settings should be way more user friendly and logical.)

      Happy new year to you! ^^

      • Thanks for the post and update. It seems to be with the way with many new devices that the real intricacies of working with them are not documented thoroughly in the manufacturer’s operating manuals. The information will passed on to the team, thanks again!

        • Add it also to the S3 but alter the instructions to reflect:-
          Press Settings/Application Manager
          For items showing in the Downloaded or All lists you must now press Menu and select Reset app preferences


  • My s pen is not working from 1 cm up from the screen while the very 1st day i was able to write anything from that height, but right now i need to touch the screen to write something….!!! What may be the prob..? As when i take it to the s note first of all it shows the image of either pen or brush or pencil which is selected then after touching the screen it writes….??? Can you pls figure it out what may have happened to it and how to fix it, so that i can write something without touching the screen. Pls reply ASAP Thank You

    • Hi, if you have an issue with a product purchased from us then please feel free to send an email to sales@clove.co.uk containing information about the issue. We appreciate as much information as you can provide, including screenshots and detailed information of the differences between what you consider correct (if possible) and incorrect states of operation.
      We will review the information and provide a return email with the appropriate responses as soon as possible.

      If your product was not purchased from Clove then we recommend contacting your local Samsung service centre (or officially recognised affiliate) to seek advice.

  • Any chance of getting a date:time stamp on posts here rather than a time relative to when viewed? That would make it so much easier to reference & find previous posts and mentally sync them to other events such as release dates.

    • Chuck, how do you mean? Sorry if we do not understand. Right at the top of the post is when it was originally created.

    • Hmm not sure why this is. When we view it, at the top of the page just under the navigation bar it says: Posted on October 2, 2012 by Clove

  • hola,,por favor necesito ayuda,espero alguien me ayude,compre un samsung note dos,todo funciona bien esta que lo dejo inactivo,asta que lo dejo de usar,al estar inactivo por un periodo de alrededor de dos horas,,el aparato se apaga,simplemente se apaga y no es que la pantalla quede inactiva,de ante mano gracias..

    • Assuming the battery has power left in it still when you return to it. It is odd that it should turn itself off completely. It sounds like there could be an issue and you may want to send it to Samsung for inspection.

      Suponiendo que la batería tiene energía que queda en ella aún cuando regrese a la misma. Es curioso que debería apagarse por completo. Suena como que podría ser un problema y es posible que desee enviar a Samsung para su inspección.

  • Just thought I would share the following info with regard to the Galaxy Note 2.
    To transfer music and as far I am aware video to sd card you do the following.
    First go to applications then click on options. My files then music select songs then move or
    copy the songs to external sd card. For video you select video and copy files.
    I think you can do this without sychn with PC?

  • I have a new note 2. One day for about half an hour I had Galaxy. My phone told me to say Wake up Galaxy. I have tried again ever since but I can not find her.

  • I created a text group with 15 contacts but when I tried to send a group text and selected all, only 10 contacts were selected and I was unable to add the other 4….any ideas would be great.


    • A limit on the number of texts the device can send. If you split that group into two and then tried adding the two groups as the contacts for the text message what would happen?

  • Hi have upgraded my Notes 2 to JB 4.1.2.
    The wifi connection is not working any more. It seems that I’m not the only person having this problem. As I absolutely need my wifi connection I would like to know if there exists a way to remove the last firmware upgrade?

    • Do you mean songs/ringtones that are included as standard on the device or songs it is picking up from your music library.

  • When I have a call and talk to them and during a call, if another one calls me, that second number is not appearing on screen to notify me. How to set this to appear the number on the phone when I am on talking with someone?.

  • Please tell me how to get the second caller’s number on the screen, while talking with the first caller.

  • Need help asap just bought Galaxy Note II LTE ( Sim Free)from website Panamoz, on charging it up and turning it on it comes up with instead of the instructions in english it comes up with chinese instead. I have not put in my old sim card as I will need to get it changed to fit
    do you think once I fit my sim card it will change to english? Or is there something I need to do to change it from Chinese to English. Any help would be much appricated.

    • You should be able to change the language (all being well) in the settings menu when the phone is switched on.

  • how i can remove vpn from my note 2 and also security pattern. always when i unlock my note 2 from lock mode emergeny call and a bock is show in which i enter my password to unlock it

  • I can’t seem to connect my note2 to wifi even if the password is correct. It says authentication error occured. Somebody please help.

  • I have the Samsung Note 11. Somehow the incognito icon came up and will not go away, even when I close the window. The icon just moves to the left of the search bar. Now my browser is blank instead of google.
    Please help.

    Also cannot set up yahoo email. Keep getting error 80201, getting token failed,. Any suggestion??

    • Debbie, You should be able to press an ‘x’ icon on the incognito window to close it. Is this what you are doing?

      Have you tried downloading the Yahoo email app from the Google Play store?

    • Thanks!
      I had to delete the Yahoo mail app and reinstall, then it worked.

      The incognito icon stays to the left of the search bar, but doesn’t open unless I tap the icon.
      I appreciate your help.. Awesome, easy answers. 🙂

      • Debbie, The incognito Icon is within Chrome. If you close all the windows within chrome it should go away.

  • I have note2 , Whenever i try to make any call a small window pops up mentioning “conditional call forwarding active” and the call ends.
    This has been happening for last couple of hrs..i have checked all call fwding settings etc bt no solution.
    have been using note 2 for more then a month bt had never faced such problem…please help.
    *i have done all possible things like on-off,,taking out sim n reinserting it…bla bla

  • How do I change the brightness settings for my Note 2 whilst in e mail as its very dull (this is despite the brightness being set at its highest in everything else and works very well but not in e mail)….means i cant read e mails whilst outside but can do everything else!!!

    • Sounds like something in the email app is overriding the brightness. Have you checked the settings in the email app?

  • I have installed Multi Window firmware update but after that Multi Task Side Bar is not appearing on Home Screen. Is there any setting to get that again?

  • 1. How do i delete an installed application from my note 2 , like f i want to remove facebook ?
    2. How do i delete pictures from Gallery – Instant upload ? Also how to delete albums ?

    • Delete apps by going into settings>Applications, selecting the app you want to remove and click un-install.

      In the gallery, you should be able to select the images and there is a delete/bin icon.

  • My Note 2 has a message that says, Emergency Calls Only. I cannot get this off and cannot make calls. I even restarted my phone.
    How did this happen?
    How do I fix it?
    Couldn’t find anything in the manual.

  • I have no service on my phone and no its not the company nor the sim card. So I’m guessing its the sim card slot because this has happened before and I went and got it repaired. Before unscrewing and disassembling my note 2, I’m asking if a particular wire is disconnected or loose and where is that wire for the sim card slot? I do not wanna go and pay $100 just for a small problem I can do myself. Please help

    • We can not advise, but an issue like this should be covered under warranty unless it is classed as user damage.

  • Help I had a 4 digit security pin on the home screen on my galaxy note to stop teenagers using my phone was out last night and removed pin in order to take photos and now my phone has a pin on it again and I have no idea what it is . Im with 3 and their technical couldnt help either

    • Hello Claire, the security PIN on the lockscreen of your device is not designed to be easily bypassed – otherwise it would not be an effective security measure.
      If you have forgotten the PIN or had one added to your lockscreen inadvertently then network technical support is likely to be the only option I could suggest before completing a factory reset of the device (which would wipe all saved data on the phone – you can re-download apps from Google Play again but you will lose all of your data).
      We are not in a position to provide ‘hacks’ or methods to bypass standard security measures, I hope you can understand this

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