• Create your own cinema–with the Galaxy Beam

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    Your own home cinema with the Galaxy Beam

    It is easier than ever to get live content or stream content to your phone from various online services (Netflix, BBC iPlayer etc.) or of course you can playback media stored on the device.

    How often do you go to the cinema with family or friends and maybe pay £6+ per ticket?

    How great would it be though if you could set up your own cinema style viewing of a film in the comfort of your own home, or if your feeling more adventurous, outdoors for considerably less?

    Well you can with the Samsung Galaxy Beam. Obtain your content (you might have to pay for it) and play it on this Android smartphone, but what you can then do is project whatever content is on your device screen onto a surface using the devices built in projector!

    Connect a set of speakers via the 3.5mm audio jack and grab a bag of popcorn to help give that cinematic experience (ok quality might not be quite the same, but cheaper).

    See it in action below or find out more HERE.

    O and just for peace of mind the price has just come down by £58 (inclusive of VAT).


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