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    During the recent “SwitchtoLumia” event, Nokia concentrated on promoting the benefits of the Lumia 920.  One of these benefits is Nokia City Lens which is an augmented reality application.  The demonstration during the event showed how this application has been designed to use the Windows Phone 8 and Nokia technology. 

    Nokia City Lens makes it simple to find things to do and places to visit in your immediate area.  You can point your camera and have all of the local shops, theatres and places to eat shown in front of you.  Each establishment is supplied with a star rating and also the distance to it.

    If you want to find a local restaurant Nokia City Lens provides an overlay on the camera screen showing all the places when you can eat.  When you have selected the restaurant which you wish to visit you can call in advance to book a table.  Or you can use the detailed directions to walk there.

    The information of your screen can be changed by tilting your handset.  With one of the options being to show all the local places to eat in a list and another being to show them on a 2D map.

    If you want to invite other people along you can instantly post details to social networks or send an SMS.


    Take a look at the video from the Nokia betalabs website to view Nokia City Lens in action.

    Nokia City Lens is a feature of the Nokia Lumia 920.


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