• SIM-free Samsung Galaxy Note II available to order, due mid-October, priced at £455 + VAT

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    We have now have the Samsung Galaxy Note II available to order having received indicative price and availability details.  The first SIM-free stock is due to be here mid-October and will be priced at £455 (£546 inc.VAT) for the 16GB model.

    The Note II is the second ‘phablet’ smartphone to be launched by Samsung, succeeding the popular Samsung Galaxy Note, which launched last year.

    Check back to the Clove Blog over the coming weeks for a review, unboxing and sample photos.


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  • Am I doing something dense; there doesn’t seem to be a way to specify colour or storage configuration..? Or is the order page just a placeholder until Samsung decide which configurations they’ll release in the UK?

    • Sorry for the confusion Ian. It is only the 16GB models that are available to order at the moment. We expect this to be the price for the 16, not sure about the other variants yet. You should be given the option to select one of the 16GB variants when clicking buy.

  • Thanks Guys but I’ll wait til you have further news on the 32 or 64GB models.
    A 16GB model is not large enough for my personal requirements.

    The same goes with the Galaxy Note 10.1″
    The 16GB is simply too small especially in this day when software size is growing quicker than the released hardware.
    If and when Samsung release to the UK a 64GB model I’ll definitely order one.
    Until then the ASUS 64GB Infinity is what I am currently looking at.

  • I am very pleased with my original Note 1 but will be buying the Note II when the models with increased memory are given a price and date. …….. Seems I am not the only one who feels this way!

    • I expect a lot of people will do the same. From my experience Note users are power users that are always going to want as much storage space as possible, so the 16GB seems almost pointless.

      • Yeah, having jumped through hoops to get a 32Gb Note (I), I’m a bit loathe to replace it with a smaller capacity Note II, at least until the variant release timetable becomes a bit clearer.

  • Forgot to click on “Notify me of new posts” and can’t see a way to do this without adding another comment! Sorry.

  • BTW I’ve sent a few emails to sales and admin at clove in the last few days without reply; do you have problems, or is everyone on holiday?

    • Hi Steven,

      That’s good to hear; glad that you’re commenting on the blog as well. We’re expecting the Note II to be very popular!

  • Hi
    I heard that the note 2 will be released in the UK on October 2nd now. Can you confirm that you will be getting it then please?

  • +1 interest in switching from my iPhone to the 64GB Note II. Anxiously awaiting an update since 16GB (even with expandable memory) is useless to me in this day & age (though I get that it’s useful to some). Another potential first time customer here.

    Also, will you sell a tripod mount accessory for the Note II like the glif for iPhone?
    (link for reference only, please delete if it contravenes your posting guidelines)

    Thanks for being so involved with the community here Chris, makes it an easier decision about where to buy my Note II!

    • Thanks Nick,

      I’m glad to be able to talk to you guys. As is pretty much always the case with new handset releases, we are still waiting for further info on the larger memory variants. It’s very frustrating (especially for end users) that they are announced but then take an age to launch.

      In my opinion the Note II should be the most likely of Samsung’s recently released devices to get the larger memory quicker as typically Note users are the power users that want as much storage space as possible. This is certainly the message that we have passed on to Samsung. The only problem is that they need to be confident that they will sell enough units to warrant bringing stock into the UK and may see the price point (more so with the 64GB than the 32GB) as a possible stumbling point for consumers. So it’s certainly worth holding out for the 32GB, but the 64GB could take a while, if it comes at all. We are yet to see a 64GB handset released (other than the iPhone) in the UK, although the Black SGS3 is set to arrive in black. There’s even been talk of Samsung produced 128GB eMMC for next year’s handsets, but we’re yet to see an Android handset with half that!

      Regarding the cradle, we do range one but it is too small for the Note devices. It may be too niche a product for one to be released for the Note II, but we will keep an eye out.

      • Really appreciate you taking the time out to write a comprehensive response like that. Good to understand things from the suppliers point of view too, it helps to set expectations. Based on your reply I’d be willing to get the 32Gb version in the absence of info on the 64Gb version.

        Seems like there are quite a number of generic options for tripod mounts that caters for most phones on ebay, so will go down that route unless you stock something by the time I get the Note II from you.

        Again, thanks for the info, you’re the only company I could get any useful info from regarding the Note II and for that you have won my loyalty.

        • No problem Nick, great to have you on board.

          Keep an eye on the blog for updates – we’ll let everyone know as soon as we’ve had any more info on the 32/64GB versions. Be sure to share any Tripod photos with us as well 🙂

  • hummm months on since the conversation about the 32gb note 2 and still no news or sign of the damn things on british shores are samsung stupid ? they are a sales driven company yet what most note 2 potential buyers want is bigger than 16gb note 2 …. the note 2 is a success yet still no bigger memory.

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