BBC iPlayer shows can now be downloaded on iPhone, Android to follow soon

The BBC has announced that shows from BBC iPlayer can now be downloaded for mobile devices and viewed until up to 30 days after. Once you’ve pressed play, you have another seven days to finish watching. The new feature is available for the iPhone and iPad now, with Android compatibility to follow in the near future, according to The Guardian.


This is a great feature and adds to the range of video on demand services that are developing for mobile devices. Being able to store the content offline means that you can download content whilst at home, thus reducing your mobile data usage, and do not need to rely on 3G coverage while out and about – perfect for commuting or going away on holiday.

For any of our non-UK readers, you should still be able to access iPlayer content if you connect via a VPN or proxy with a UK web address. This also goes for other services such as 4OD and ITV Player.

Source BBC, via Guardian