• Smart Stay and Pop Up Play available on the Galaxy Note 10.1

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    Samsung Galaxy S3 features emerge on other products

    It was bound to happen at some point, because they are useful features.

    Smart Stay and Pop Up Play are coming on the Galaxy Note 10.1 after they were originally introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

    What are they?

    Smart Stay – It stops the backlight of the screen dimming/turning off when you are still looking at something.  Most devices will turn the backlight off after a period of time (even if you are still viewing something on screen, but Smart Stay users the front facing camera on the device to detect if you are still looking at the screen, if you are, then the screen stays on. If you are not the backlight goes out.


    Pop Up Play – Allows you to watch video in a window on your screen whilst doing something else.  It uses picture in picture technology.  Watch a video/film you have on your device whilst browsing the web.

    Some have criticised these features, but having used the S3 for some time now, for me the Smart Stay is a powerful feature.  It might be only a tap of the button or screen to put the backlight on, but if you don’t have to then that helps a lot.  It is one of those features you may not think about until you don’t have it.


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  • I like Smart Stay a lot too; can’t quite understand the bad press it’s had.

    Perhaps it’s a misunderstanding; some people seem to think that when the little eye icon shows up then it’s seen your eyes looking at it, and they get annoyed when the screen turns off anyway. In fact the little eye icon just means it’s checking to see if you’re looking at it; if it can’t see you eyes then the screen will still turn off.

    It doesn’t keep me from ever having to tap the screen to keep it awake, but I have to do it a lot less than on previous phones.

    To me Pop-up Play is a gimmick on a phone, just as I never found picture-in-picture of any use on TVs and monitors. Some may find it more useful on a tablet; can’t see it myself.

    Perhaps women would like the feature more with their multi-tasking brains. I’m strictly the old time-slice variety of multi-tasker.

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