Galaxy Note + PS3 Controller = Ultimate portable gaming

Update: There is now a demo video here

The photos below do a pretty good job of explaining how, with a small bit of modding, you can turn your Galaxy Note into the ultimate portable gaming device. Great idea.

Galaxy Note with PS3 control<>

PS3 control

Note gaming mod<>

Note gaming mod back
Note with PS3 control
Note with PS3 control charging
Note gaming mod


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    • Chris Ward says

      The rig wasn’t created by us so unfortunately I cannot create a video for you, sorry.

    • Chris Ward says

      As far as I know the Kindle Fire doesn’t run ICS and therefore does not have native support for a PS3 controller. So out of the box it is unlikely, but perhaps it would work if the handset is rooted. You may also find that the Kindle Fire is a bit too big to be supported by the rig, but I could be wrong.


    How can i play game on galaxy note with ps3 controller…
    Please Reply….

  2. John says

    Umm…this is cool but, it would have been even cooler if you showed us HOW games can be played with a PS3 controller – bluetooth or what?!