• Wireless Network Range Extender–Huawei WS320–Simple & easy to use

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    A simple to use wireless network range extender.

    We have all had instances be it in our own home, office or a friend’s house where we have connected to the WiFi, moved to another room and the WiFi signal has dropped off and there is no connection.  It is quite annoying isn’t it?!

    Well normal solutions are:

    1. Put up with it

    2. Buy a more powerful router

    3. Buy a range extender

    So point 2 & 3 are the best solutions can be costly and extremely complicated to buy and then setup.

    Therefore if all you needed to do was to plug an adapter into a mains socket, press a button and wait a couple of minutes this would make things a lot simpler.

    The WS320 WiFi/Wireless Range Extender from Huawei does just this.

    A convenient product that connects to a 3 pin UK mains power supply and will boost the range of your wireless network.

    Add more to increase the range further or disconnect to reduce the signal range. Use at home, work or wherever you choose.

    See it in action in the video below:


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  • Nice one Jon. Just up my street.
    Looks simple and straight forward enough.
    This should improve my Home Network no end.

  • I’ve just bought this, and have no idea how to install it! I don’t have the WPS button on my router so was planning to do it manually, but again… the instructions are for Windows and I have a Mac.
    Please could you help me and tell me how to set it up on my mac?

    • HI I had just got my HUAWEI WS320 working and I would like to share the experience. Luckily I have a HUAWEI EchoLife HG520b wireless router anyway and whether this makes things any easier than a BT HUB, I shouldnt imagine so. (The description below also as described in pages 16 – 26 inclusive in the user manual:

      But anyway, I have the wireless router on, ad plug in the WS320. Waited till all the lights have settled into a solid yellow, and then I pressed the button on the device.

      Then, using something with wireless capacity (can be a laptop or in this case I used my phone), search for a transmitter called “Repeater”, select it, and a screen will pop up with a list of wireless router names. Choose the one you like to relay and tap in the password and wait till the yellow light stop flashing, and as it turns green, the WS is successful in pairing up with the router.

      Then the WS can be unplugged and relocated to another room to relay the signal. Gotta wait a few minutes untill the light change green again. And it works since ever then.

      Hope this is if at all useful. Vic.

  • Bought this but it will not connect to my BT Home Hub. I have tried manual set up but cannot access the w320 web site. Anyone know how to set up the 320 with a BT Home Hub?

  • I am also having problems with coneecting to BT Home Hub 3!!
    I finally made a manual connection via Http//: but keep losing the connection. I have tried to reinstall the WS320 following a “reset” but now the above http address takes me to the BT Hub WEb page so cannot reconnect the WS320 – I hate it when installing a “solution” to your problem just creates more!! Not sure where to turn now!!

    • Hi did anyone manage to resolve connecting the bt hub with the ws320 as I have the same problem

  • I don´t have a WPS button and I cant access either. So now what.. Getting really frustrated

  • nearly drove me nuts also.

    Its quite simple really..

    it does not work…Lots of people have problems with these devices.

    Plug it out, my wi-fi works perfect. And I know a little about networks.

    On ebay if anyone wants mine !

  • if you insist on trying…do this.

    Plug in your huawei ws320. WAIT (for up to 2 mins)…Press the reset button(until the LED light goes a different color)..

    Plug out for 10 secs. ..plug in…

    WAIT (for at least 2 mins – it takes it this long to boot).

    use internet explorer … type in

    you should see the setup screen for huawei ws320.

    —go from there.. deepening on your setup…I just used no security. But you can use wps or whatever your router supports.

    Wasting your time anyways, cause I have tried it. It works sometimes…on and off..
    I even replaced my router.. until I found out it was this piece of crap.

  • I managed to connect the WS320 to BT hub by following Patrick Briggs instructions which can be found on the first review in customer reviews
    If you don’t know where to find this, go to Amazon web site and look for Huwaei WS320 and it is the first review, and I’m not very good when it comes to doing like this

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