• Konnet iCrado Pro–Samsung Galaxy S3, S2 & Note

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    imageSamsung Galaxy powered desktop cradle.

    When you have one of the best and most expensive smartphones, it is only right you have an accessory that matches in terms of quality.

    The majority of cradles we see are plastic, but Konnet are some what of an exception when it comes to this.  Their cradles are made out of metal.

    We have demonstrated them here before.

    They have now manufactured a universal accessory for Samsung Galaxy products that works with the Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note.

    It is a metal cradle, available in Black or Silver that has a microUSBconnection built into it to allow you to charge your device as well as have it sit in portrait mode.

    O and another great feature of this cradle, you can dock your device when in a case (providing there is room for the microUSB connector)

    Konnet_Black2First stock is due to be available from early July, price at £19.99 inclusive of VAT.

    For more information, click on one of the links below for the colour of your choice.

    Konnet iCrado Pro Black

    Konnet iCrado Pro Silver


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