Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

A video review of Samsung’s flagship smartphone for 2012, the Galaxy S III.

Writing a review of the S3 would have been like writing a small novel.  There is so much to talk about, so here is my review of the Samsung Galaxy S3.


  1. John says

    Great review Jon. Enjoyed it a lot.

    Any news on when the Galaxy S3 32/64GB variant will be released in the UK by Samsung?

    I know Vodafone UK have exclusivity on the 32GB (contract only) but when does that end and when will we be able to purchase outright the non-16GB models?

    Any info. will be greatly appreciated.

    Hope you can help!!!

    • Chris Ward says

      No info through yet John, unfortunately. As far as we know, Vodafone haven’t actually had the 32GB stock in, so the exclusive is yet to start. I could be wrong though.

      We’ll get a post up as soon as we have any info through on availability.