HTC Desire C User Manual/Guide

All the tips and advice you need for your HTC Desire C.

Below is the official quick start guide for the HTC Desire C. Click the icon below to download.


Below is the official user guide/manual for the HTC Desire C. Click the icon to download.



  1. Roger Gibbons says

    This manual is crap! I just want to do the simplest thing but the instructions are not there! I want to transfer my stuff from my old sim card but there are NO ****** instructions. I’ve been working with computers and writing manuals to train people for thirty years. This should be easy butyou make it difficult!
    I think I’ll cancel my contract and get a samsung galaxy instead.

    • Clove says

      Do consider that this is a manual provided by HTC and not constructed by Clove. Every effort is made to answer most questions, but they can not answer all.

      HTC offer a process during initial setup to help move content from 1 phone to another. Maybe we can help?

      We presume you do not have a Google account? All your contacts are on the SIM card of your old phone? What is your old phone?

  2. Skankydog says

    Have no SD card as yet, just want to figure out how to lock the screen while listening to music with phone in pocket? There is a link in ‘sounds’ for alert when screen locked, but can’t find elsewhere. If it shakes or knocks it either changes tune or turns off. Also, how come no flash?

    • Clove says

      That doesn’t sound right. A quick tap of the lock / power button on the top of the device should toggle between displaying the lock screen (which when playing music should have the music player widget showing the current track) and completely locking the device and turning off the LCD so no accidental changes can be made by, as you say, button pushes, touches or shakes.

      If the issue persists I would recommend a complete shut down – remove the battery, hold the power button for a few seconds then reinsert the battery and boot up. If there’s a little bug in the HTC Sense software somewhere that might just sort it out. Otherwise try backing up any important data on the device and perform a factory reset.

      The lack of flash is simply because the Desire C is intended as an entry level smartphone. One way of keeping the costs down was to include a fixed focus camera with no flash.

  3. wendy says

    How do I play music from my SD card? The app on the phone is not recognizing the music, but I was able to copy music from my computer to the phone/

  4. R. Taylor says

    Would you please send me a written user manual on the Samsung Desire C. My address is 1 Eastcliffe Green Lane Walton-on-the Naze Essex C0148HA. A user manual was not supplied with my mobile when purchased.Thank you. R.Taylor.

    • Chris Ward says

      Sorry but we are unable to provide this. Most manufacturers only release an electronic copy of the user manual now.

  5. R. Taylor says

    i;ve lost some of the icons which are displayed along the black bar at the bottom of my Desire C mobile,could you tell or show me how to get them back please,as there is no instruction manual supplied.Thank you.Richard,

  6. meher says

    i locekd my phone and i ha ve to idea how to unlock it and forgot my password…and also only i was able to oppy only my contacts my songs are not copying easily wat shud i do

    • Chris Ward says

      If you’ve put a password on it and forgotten it will need to be returned to HTC for repair.

  7. shaz says

    hi i have got a htc desire c and everytym i txt these differnt words keeps cumn up how do i get rid of it?