• Which handsets have the biggest screen area to body area ratio? [CHART]

    By Clove , May 22, 2012 - Leave a comment

    This handy chart, created by a Redditor, shows which handsets have the biggest screen to body area ratio. It’s mostly made up of Android devices, but does include the Nokia Lumia 900 and Apple iPhone 4S as well.

    The Galaxy Note comes out on top, meaning that not only does it have the biggest screen, but also the best ratio when compared to the total phone size. The soon to be released Samsung Galaxy S III is just behind it.



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  • Palm V – 39.4% 🙁
    Though the Tungsten T5 is a fairer comparison at 51.5% 🙂
    Psion, anyone?

    • Lol. Maybe I’ll have to get an updated chart created that looks at devices over a longer time span.

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