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    MHL logoMHL is a new technology that became more common place back in 2011.  We put together a full post explaining it MHL and what it can do HERE.

    The Samsung Galaxy S II was one of the first devices with MHL capability and to date you have needed special adapters to connect an MHL enabled device to your PC monitor or TV. This is because you require power.  Without the power and adapter the TV out function would not work.

    With MHL enabled monitors/TV’s they will remove the need for connecting a power cable as the connection will transfer power to the device as well as allow for transfer of visual and audio content.

    Devices that now have MHL include the Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X.

    Well Samsung (we believe) are one of the first companies to bring out MHL enabled screens.  Now these are normal monitors and not TV’s so they wont appeal to all but it shows that over the coming year we are likely to see an increase in MHL enabled displays, thus doing away with the need for special adapters.

    Some would argue Sony have it right by using MicroHDMI to HDMI connections on their devices but MHL in the long term should bring advantages to the user.

    imageThe new monitors come in 2 sizes, 23” & 27”:

    • Samsung S23B550VS 23 inch Widescreen LED Monitor
    • Samsung S27B550VS 27 inch Widescreen LED Monitor


    The downside at the moment is that as far as we are aware the microUSB to MHL cables required to make the connection are not yet available.  They will be soon, we will bring you news when they are.

    If you are a big user of your smartphone then these could be good monitor options for your desk if you are due an upgrade.  It would mean you could simply connect up your compatible device and use the phone as the computer and not your standard desktop unit, similar to that shown in the following post.

    UPDATE 7/6/2012 – Check out the above monitor in action below:


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