Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB available to order, due May 30th

We now have the Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB model available to order having received pricing. The price excluding VAT is £429, which gives a price of £514.80 including VAT.

Click here to place an order for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue

Click here to place an order for the Samsung Galaxy S3 White

The first stock is due to be here on May 30th and we do of course recommend placing an early order if you would like to receive a handset from the first batch of stock. We do also expect to have some of the official Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories available at launch as well.

If/when the pricing becomes available for the other memory variants (32/64GB), we will make them available to order. As of yet we have not received pricing for either of these but will keep you updated as best we can.

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  1. Hikari0307 says:

    Hopefully the 32gb version is confirmed very soon. I hope samsung delivers rather than last year with only the 16gb S2.

    • The way they keep referring to the 64Gb model as coming “soon” suggests to me that it will be this year’s vapourware. I’d like to be proved wrong, though; my ipod Classic is a bit long in the tooth to be the only mobile device I can keep all my music on!

      • Chris Ward says:

        Yea I can see it being a similar situation as the 32GB SGS2, which was initially announced as ‘coming soon’ as well.

  2. Александр says:

    Хачу! Оплатил! Жду! :-)

  3. FWIW Vodafone seem to be releasing their contract 32Gb version on the same day (29th/30th May), with apparently a 30 day exclusivity period, which suggests that other retailers should have it at the end of June.

    • Chris Ward says:

      Ah rite OK thanks Ian. A month isn’t too bad, sooner would be nice though hey.