• Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories available to order

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    We’ve already had a list through from Case-Mate of the Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories that we can expect in the near future. They are now listed on the Clove website and available to buy. We don’t have images yet, but in most cases you can look at the equivalent case for another handset and anticipate what it will look like. We’ll add images and videos as soon as we get them through. The ranges available include:

    Case-Mate Barely There 

    One of the original lines available from the US manufacturer. The Barely There case is lightweight but still offers a good level of protection and stylish design. Keep an eye out for the extra special glam editions of the Barely There. 

    Case-Mate Emerge Smooth

    An evolution of another Case-Mate original, the Safe Skin. The Emerge Smooth has a stronger shell than the Safe Skin and comes with a solid yet smooth case. The textured design also adds an extra dimension to the case’s appeal.

    Case-Mate Creatures

    One of the newer additions to the Case-Mate range, the Creatures cases are unique in appearance and each offers its own characterised design. Those available so far for the SGS3 are Mike Droid (the Android man), Xing (The Panda) and the Peacock (speaks for itself).

    Case-Mate Phantom

    The sturdiest of the lot, the Case-Mate Phantom offers unrivalled protection if you need to seriously protect your handset. A heavy duty case for the active user.

    Case-Mate Tough Case

    The Tough Case is not quite as bulky as the Phantom, but still offers a good level of protection if your handsets tend to take a bit of a bump from time to time. It’s sturdy but’ll still fit in your pocket without too much of a bulge.

    Case-Mate POP!

    The Case-Mate POP! range offers striking colours, as well as a kickstand to prop your SGS3 up with – perfect when watching videos. Manufactured from a combination of plastic and rubber, the POP! cases are low cost yet practical.

    Case-Mate Signature Flip

    A stylish flip case, hand-crafted from genuine leather. The signature flip is Case-Mate take on the flip case that has become synonymous with smartphones and, as always, they have done a great job.

    Brushed Aluminium

    For the fashion-conscious user, the slick appeal of the Case-Mate brushed aluminium cases is certainly worth a look. Available with a black or silver finish, the brushed aluminium design reinforces the inherent top of the range tag that comes with a device like the SGS3.


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