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    BlackBerry World 2012 has been taking place in Florida, USA over the last few days.  At the keynote they announced some of the new features that will be available in the next version of the BlackBerry operating system, BlackBerry 10.

    The headline feature at the moment is the keyboard on a touchscreen.  As you type, like other operating systems it predicts the word you are typing, but it predicts and places it above the next potential letter you will enter.  Just flick upwards on the letter to select the predicted word.

    It is an interesting way of placing the predicted word and one I believe could be quite powerful, although it is not the most revolutionary of enhancements to be made to an operating system.  See it in action in the video below.

    Another features is on the camera, that allows you to turn back time to get a better picture.  Very much like Nikon and their series of cameras, the BlackBerry camera will capture content ahead of you actually capturing the image.  This is certainly a feature HTC’s much talked about ImageSense does not have.  See it in action below.

    Finally BlackBerry have used the power and presence of a Porsche to help demonstrate the capability of BlackBerry 10.  Although it is no doubt a long way off the demo shows just how the BlackBerry 10 is capable of managing multiple screens performing different actions.

    RIM have handed out a large number of testing devices to developers to encourage them to begin building and enhancing apps for the platform.  Whilst they handed out demo devices they are not final production units and are merely a slab running the OS for development/instruction purposes only.

    We will bring you more news on BlackBerry 10 and its developments as soon as more information is released.

    Update 03/05/2012: RIM have confirmed that currently BlackBerry models will not be upgradable to the new OS 10.


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