• HTC One X Review: Conclusion

    By Shaun McGill , April 27, 2012 - Leave a comment

    At the start of these reviews I said that I wasn’t too excited by the thought of reviewing yet another HTC phone, but I was so wrong.

    The One X turned out to be the best Android smartphone I have reviewed to date. Everything from the screen to the speed to the form factor grabbed hold of me and worked together so well that it made Android come to life. With some subtle changes to the operating system visuals and an emphasis on just letting you get on with your life, HTC has managed to bring a sense of understanding to Android. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that much better than the Galaxy Nexus or some of the recent Sony Ericsson phones, but the devil is in the detail and the little things that stand out make a big difference to the user.

    It just feels right and it is a phone that once used is difficult to let go of and to consider competitors. The screen alone makes the biggest difference of all and is by far the best I have seen on a smartphone to date, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see others pop up very soon that match the One X in this area.

    The One X resides in a very competitive market and there is no doubt that the competition will continue to improve, but this is true of all smartphones at any given time. There will always be something better around the corner and despite the One X being a little too large for my tastes, it is in my opinion the best of the Android bunch at this time. It is also probably the best smartphone in the world at this time when the sum of all its parts is considered. HTC is back, and back with a bang.

    Shaun McGill

    A freelance writer and mobile technology addict there are not many phones that have not been through Shaun's hands. Honest and straight talking, Shaun provides insightful content and provokes thought and debate and reviews products highlighting their good and bad bits to provided a rounded conclusion, taking in too all the various users.


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