• HTC One X: Practicality

    By Shaun McGill , April 26, 2012 - Leave a comment

    The practical aspects of any smartphone are important because if done right, a phone can become a loyal workhorse that will get you through each day with ease. However, get it wrong and the phone becomes nothing more than an expensive and nice looking paperweight.

    The One X is big which offers many advantages, but the fact that it is incredibly slim makes a massive difference in daily use. I have carried it in shirt pockets with no problems at all and the design highlights how advantageous low weight and depth can be in a phone no matter how big it is. Barring a slightly inconvenient picture-taking experience (which HTC claims can snap a picture in 0.7 seconds from a locked state), I have found the One X form factor to be excellent for the size of screen it offers.

    Battery performance has been better than I expected as well. You can’t get to the battery to replace it, but at 1,800mAh you would expect it to last a tough day in the office, on the train and everywhere else. I pushed mine very hard for the first 2 days and still had over 30% battery left, but subsequently with the settling down of the battery and of my usage, I have been ending the day with between 40% and 50%. That is excellent for my usage and compares favourably to many other phones I have used, very favourably.

    Performance, as I have noted in another part of this review, is excellent and it flies along at an incredibly fast rate and I have had no problems with memory either. I tend to ignore memory levels and plod on so it’s early days, but 1Gb of RAM and 26Gb of usable space seems fine to me. Throw in 25GB of Dropbox space for 2 years and you should have no problems keeping everything you want on this phone, and of course running multiple applications at the same time.

    Build quality is excellent and the back covering seems able to take the knocks of daily life, but the dominating front screen may need protection. I say this purely because I always add a matt screen protector to every phone I use and am somewhat paranoid in this area despite the fact that Gorilla Glass is present here.

    Overall, the One X manages to keep the practicality levels high despite being a large phone with a big screen. This is mightily impressive.

    Shaun McGill

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